Radio Australia: SWLing in the Colorado Rockies

Sony-ICF-SW7600GR-RA-CO I’m in Keystone, Colorado at about 9,300′ (2,835 M) above sea level; mornings are crisp and chilly (38F/3C), but that doesn’t stop me from putting on a jacket, heading to the balcony and listening to Radio Australia on 9,580 kHz. Despite flaky solar conditions (flaky, frankly, is an understatement) I managed to snag RA Wednesday morning (13:58 UTC) on my Sony ICF-SW7600GR. There was a little fading, and a little local noise, but overall signal quality was quite good.

gnav_logoThis recording starts a couple of minutes before the top of the hour; you’ll hear the TOTH news brief and then triple ja brilliant show dedicated to new Australian music.

Click here to download the recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

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7 thoughts on “Radio Australia: SWLing in the Colorado Rockies

  1. Prakash

    Date of reception: 21-NOV-2014
    Time of reception: 1245 UTC
    Frequency of reception: 9580,12065(both were same)
    Reception Conditions: Within my apartment here in Bristol, Connecticut, USA. I was getting a little wavy disturbances at times but it was still reasonably listenable.
    Receiving Equipment: RADIO SHACK 20-629 PLL Shortwave Receiver

  2. Tudor

    I’ve also enjoyed listening to music on Radio Australia lately. “Saturday Night Country” is currently my favorite show on SW. Here is a recording I made during the weekend:

    And indeed Triple J is very good too. I discovered some nice music from talented people I’ve never heard about in my part of the world.

  3. Geoff Hansford

    Just a comment, Triple-J is actually one of several government radio networks with stations situated across Australia. Radio Australia have been relaying Triple-J programming recently and there is some local speculation that budget cuts to Radio Australia have forced them to share programming with other Australian Broadcasting Commission networks.

    None of the above should be taken as a comment derogatory to Radio Australia or Triple-J both of whom I enjoy listening to but rather as an observation on the reduced funding levels that many shortwave broadcasters are having to work around.


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