Radio Australia back on 9,580 kHz this morning

Elad-FDM-S2-RadioAustralia-9580It appears it may have indeed been a transmitter glitch that kept Radio Australia from broadcasting into North America with their typical blowtorch signal on 9,580 kHz yesterday.

After publishing a post about this yesterday, I received quite a few reports confirming that RA could not be heard in North America. I even received a  report from Mike in New Zealand who couldn’t hear RA on 9,580 kHz with his Yaesu FT-817.

I did, however, receive two reports from listeners stating that they could hear a very faint signal from RA on 9,580 kHz–long after I had tuned off frequency. This might explain the carrier I saw on my spectrum display yesterday. Perhaps Shepparton turned down the power on 9,580 kHz for maintenance purposes?

Either way, I’m simply happy to hear my old friend back on 9,580. Since we are officially under the new (reduced) broadcast plan, I hope this means that we’ll at least Radio Australia until they change the plan again.

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2 thoughts on “Radio Australia back on 9,580 kHz this morning

  1. Dave

    It’s so nice to have that big Australian signal back on 9580 kilohertz this morning. I had it until fade out shortly after 1700 UTC. Yesterday I heard them in the afternoon on 17840 kilohertz signal wasn’t half bad here in Minnesota.

  2. Tudor

    Here in Romania I could hear Radio Australia at 1325 UTC (Feb 1) on 12065 kHz (very good but with fading) and on 12085 kHz (weak). Usually it was the other way around, with 12085 being the strongest one. I am surprised to hear them at all today on these frequencies, I thought they cancelled them already.

    At 1330 BBC Bangla started strong on 12065 kHz and won the frequency.


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