Radio Australia propagation map and revised schedule

RA-PropMapSpeaking of the Radio Australia shortwave service reductions, I just received RA’s new propagation map (above) and schedule (below). Click images to enlarge.


My source also sent a few RA internal notes/points regarding services, feeds and transmitters:

Radio Australia

  • Babcock ended 14th January.
  • Brandon last broadcast 31st January.
  • Shepparton reduced schedule from 1st February. 3 transmitters only.
  • RAS 1 is Pacific Satellite Feed
  • RAS 2 is Asia Satellite Feed
  • RAW 5 is Asia Web Feed
  • RAW 6 is Pacific Web Feed

Reminder – preferred backup domestic source is Classic FM, not Radio National.
[…]Radio Australia News ex N05 will be the SERN bed news 0600-1800 Monday-Friday.

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5 thoughts on “Radio Australia propagation map and revised schedule

  1. Mr Lee

    I am a Korean living in the suburbs of Seoul.
    Listeners in Korea and Japan are still able to receive the 15415kHz for Papua New Guinea, though these signals may be slightly weaker than before.

    However, the 6080kHz may not be audible here since lower frequencies are relatively harder to propagate further than higher frequencies can do.

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