The New York Times: breaking news and antique radios


Many thanks to my buddy, David Goren, who recently discovered that the New York Times Store is now selling fully-restored antique radios.

Pricing is not for the faint of heart–at time of posting, prices ranged from $395 to $23,000 US.  Each radio is beautifully presented, with a full description, and carries a one year restoration warranty. For an additional $95, many models can be modified with an AUX in audio jack.

While these radios are well outside my meager vintage radio budget, I must say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking at the photos and reading the descriptions.

Click here to view on the NY Times Store.

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4 thoughts on “The New York Times: breaking news and antique radios

  1. Tomas

    At least a much better buy than the Apple Watch in Gold for $10 000 (which an Apple store in California told a friend was their most sold model), something that will be obsolete in two years…

  2. Thomas Post author

    I really should have mentioned that many of these radios can be found at yard sales and hamfests for $10 to maybe $200. They may not be professionally restored, but I’ve always liked my radios to have a little “character.”


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