A DSP version of the Degen DE1103?


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SWLing Post reader, Dan, recently sent me this link to the Degen DE1103 on AliBexxpress: http://m.aliexpress.com/item/32521065066.html

The vendor notes a “USA DSP chip” in this unit.

The Degen DE1103 has been around for many years; a testament to its popularity. I’m pretty sure it never had DSP receiver components, though.

I told Dan that this was most likely an error of de1103-dspthe Aliexpress web marketing person.

Today, Dan sent me another link, this time to an eBay listing with the title:

“DEGEN DE1103 DSP FM/LW/SW/MW Stereo Dual Conversion Digital World Band Radio”

I took a close look at the photos and noticed that “DSP” is featured on one of the front panel stickers.

Could it be that the DE1103 has been re-designed with a DSP chip? Can anyone confirm?

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13 thoughts on “A DSP version of the Degen DE1103?

  1. Junior Spargo

    The dsp versions of this particular radio and the ka1103 have an annoying unmuted chuff when tuning ssb signals throughout the band with the tuning knob. It is bad enough to send back if you do much ssb reception. I want to point out that dsp is great when it is properly engineered, but dsp must have been an upgrade that they did not get exactly right in this case. I do a lot of ssb and am sending mine back, which is a shame because the pll versions are pretty sweet tuning ssb.

  2. Junior Spargo

    the dsp versions have an annoying unmuted chuff when tuning ssb signals, it is bad enough to send back, that is what I am doing. too bad though, the pll versions are sweet tuning ssb.

  3. weatherall

    I’m looking forward to some reports on how it performs. Looks like the same tuning knob and BFO dial configuration of the original. So unless functionality has been changed in some way, volume will continue to be a hassle to adjust.

  4. Guy Atkins

    The Ebay auction listed in this post is no longer available, but I see two new Ebay listings for a “DE1103 DSP” including this one from reputable seller “bigbargainonline”: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DEGEN-DE1103-DSP-FM-LW-SW-MW-Stereo-Dual-Conversion-Digital-World-Band-Radio-/291593519989

    Prominently displayed in the auction text is the phrase “2015 New Version”, and “American original DSP digital receiver chip”. So, hopefully there is a true SiLabs DSP chip inside.

    Curiously, only two bandwidths are mentioned, just like the original model of DE1103. As we know, the SiLabs DSP chips can support 5 or 6 filter bandwidths.

    1. Thomas Post author

      The first thing I looked for were multiple bandwidths. A DE1103 with a few AM and SSB bandwidths would have been mighty cool!

      Thanks for noting the expired link, Guy–I just updated with yours.

  5. William Patalon III

    Thomas …

    Items like this – that a DXer like me will find nowhere else – is a key reason I subscribe to your very fine newsletter and visit this site. The value is always high.

    And, as I know from talking with you in person, you’re also a very decent guy.

    There aren’t enough great spots like this to go to for these kinds of insights (including those of your readers and contributors … also a very savvy/smart group of folks, I’ve found from reading their posts).

    This is the kind of hobbyist/specialty topic site that I’m very glad to subscribe to.

    Bill P.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Bill, comments like yours really make my day! 🙂 And like you, I’m amazed at the comments and insights from readers. I learn so much from them.

      Happy listening!

  6. robert

    Funny that came up.didn’t look at it but I swear I seen that same sticker on a sw radio at our local electronics store.it was a de 1103, seems like and probably wrong but $49. They get their radios off amazon .no bargains but componets are there

    1. Thomas Post author

      Interesting. Yeah–it just seems so odd to me that Degen would add DSP, but not re-design the body like they tend to do with updates.


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