The Tecsun S-8800: A new receiver in the works


SWLing Post contributor, OWL, writes:

It seems that Tecsun has a new large portable in line.

Someone posted a photo of a new Tecsun product catalogue which shows a new model S8800.

The Tecsun BCL-3000 for comparison.

The Tecsun BCL-3000 for comparison.

Apparently it uses the housing of BCL3000 [see above] and is multiple conversion (so a PL880 inside?), DSP based with separate LSB/USB and 10Hz minimum tuning step, and comes with a remote control (for direct frequency input?). Two 18650 batteries are used.


Photo source: via OWL. Click to enlarge.


Photo source: via OWL. Click to enlarge.

[Here’s a] link to the post in Tecsun’s web forum:

Many thanks for sharing this find, OWL! This is a very curious development from Tecsun.

I can imagine why Tecsun is re-using the BCL-3000 (a.k.a. Grundig S350DL) body–not only is it roomy inside, but it’s proven to be a popular large portable form factor over the years. Of course, since this is an existing chassis design, design/development costs will be minimal.  If Tecsun is including a remote, I’m sure OWL is correct: it’ll aid with direct frequency entry. The S-8800 will be the first portable shortwave radio with remote control I’ve seen in many years.

If audio is anything like its predecessors, I would expect rich fidelity from the built-in speaker. In terms of performance, though? This is a completely different receiver than the single-conversion BCL-3000, so only time will tell.

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25 thoughts on “The Tecsun S-8800: A new receiver in the works

  1. robert k scorpio

    What I am hoping for and I think many others are is for Tecsun to put together a Premium Receiver in the $200 to $300 range with refined features from the PL 880 and PL 660 all in one unit with even higher sensitivity..
    Not a replacement for either of those cost effective Models but a Premium Receiver with full working SYNC and 10 hertz tuning…and take these a few steps further.

    IF the market is there …I think Tecsun might do it….

    1. Mike from Toronto

      ….what would be nice (for a new receiver..), ….
      1.) ssb
      2.) air band
      3.) synchro detection and am & fm & sw antenna reception plug
      4.) using modern dsp chips for AM, FM and shortwave reception!..(why is that the old Panasonic RF-2200 and Sony icf -39 prison radio, has better AM reception with old 1970’s technology, yet in they won’t or can’t duplicate this, in today’s radios?)
      5.)…PLEASE NO Weather Band or alerts!….this is a NO-NO for the obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) people!…unless you live in the Florida keys, with hurricane winds or in Vietnam, with Monsoons, or in the Canadian East Coast (maritimes), with the Nor’wester winter winds, then we don’t need the NOAA weather band on the radio!….why would we need this band, if you live in the Midwest?
      ………………anyhow, what to think?

      1. Bob C.

        Hey Mike, ever hear of tornadoes? Good reason to have weather band here in the midwest. For that reason (and it’s awesome performance), I love the CC Skywave! That said, there’s no “weather radio” outside of the US and Canada, so it’s unlikely that Tecsun would offer these frequencies on a unit that will be marketed worldwide.

        I echo the above comments in hoping that this new model will have the best traits of the new DSP models (solid tuning, great sensitivity AND selectivity, etc.), while also having many of the enjoyable operating attributes of the old S350 (ease of use, great sound, nice feel). Waiting to read a comprehensive review of all bands on this one!

  2. Bertrand

    December15th, 2016
    The Tecsun S-8800e ( europeeen version ) is released in Germany… Have got a unit here…
    A better PL-800 –
    – more sensitive on LW as ferrite antenna is bigger
    – better SSB Copy and AGC
    – better sound bass and treble can be adjusted
    – 2 external antenna connections => 1X BNC and 1X 500 Ohm Input
    – 2 lithium batteries 16850
    – a remote unit can be used like a on a TV set….
    – reasonable size, weights 1.5 kg.
    – all metallic buttons and knobs

    Conclusion : a very nice radio for portable use, not too big, nice looking.

  3. Bertrand

    Hi, has anyone contact to Tecsun ?

    This time at the S-8800 the AGC system must be better than that one of the PL-880 on SSB …!!!

    So Tecsun has to do a strong effort at this point….


  4. Bertrand

    Hi, a interresting receiver indeed^…

    The fine tune button below on the right is a bit unusual….

    What about the external antenna socket, only for FM and SW ???

    Vy 73


  5. Marty

    I can’t quite make out what batteries it shows on the page. There are two of them. I wonder if they are 18650s or AAs. I would love to see Tecsun put out a PL-880 that runs on AAs as opposed to the 18650s.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Yep, I would think so, Jeff. That S350DL has some strong points: audio, portability, dead simple controls and, well…a certain “beefyness”.

      However, it’s terribly prone to drift and sometimes getting it to tune spot-on frequency is an act of extreme patience. It sits in my kitchen, most of the time tuned to 90.7 FM or 1570 kHz AM (my local transmitting frequency:

      This will be a completely different and fully-digital receiver in a 350DL body. I just hope it performs well! 🙂


  6. pjmm

    Sorry for this silly question, but I can’t read Chinese. Does this radio plugs directly to 220V mains? and does it recharges automatically the two lithium batteries?

    1. Thomas Post author

      Based on previous Tecsun models, I think it’s safe to assume it would charge the batteries internally. Also, I’m sure Tecsun ships both 110 and 220V power supplies.

        1. Thomas Post author

          Most likely, this radio will have an external power supply or simply be charged via a standard USB cable. That, at least, is how the PL-880 is charged. Not sure of the S-8800 will have higher voltage requirements.


          1. pjmm

            Lately all the radios I know of have these ubiquitous external PS that can not be switched off when the radio is powered off. Also these takes extra space and adds external cables apart from the energy it uses because nobody disconnect them when they power off the radio. It would be interesting to know why radio makers are using these external PS and stopped to build integrated internal PS inside of the radios.

  7. Robert Thompson

    I have a Grundig S350 that I have had for years. I would like very much to upgrade to a model with more features.

  8. robert

    I have a s450 dlx under my kitchen cabinates where it can’t mess new pl 880 works so nice I can’t see room for improvement on this fine radio

  9. Tom Stiles

    Very interesting find. It will be even more interesting to find out how this compares to the latest version of the original item. In recent past, these upgrades of Grundig radios by Tecsun have been only slight improvement over the last version of the radios. This is just my personal experience with one each of the new radios.

    Thanks for posting this information.

    Another Tom

    1. Thomas Post author

      I agree, Tom! Good to hear from you!

      Ironically, I use a Grundig S350DL almost every day as my kitchen radio. I rarely tune to the shortwave bands, however, as it’s such a mediocre performer. On FM, though, it pulls all of my benchmark stations. It pretty much sits on 90.7 MHz, where my favorite NPR station resides.

      The Grundig S450DLX wasn’t much of an improvement. In fact, it’s one of the few receivers I’ve purchased then returned to the retailer withon a few days.

      I’m hoping a completely new receiver design might benefit this large portable.



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