Radio Go Bag: JC recommends this affordable shoulder pack

Bag-TacticalSpeaking of backpacks and protective cases for radios, SWLing Post reader, JC, recommends an inexpensive tactical shoulder pack available via eBay.

JC writes:

I tend to want a little more protection and space so I use a tactical military type shoulder bag for my portable radio kit. It hangs nicely off the back of the passenger’s seat in my car and allows me to keep my PL-660, spare batteries, portable wire antenna, earphones, frequency lists, and other gear all together in a handy pack.

JC's shoulder pack

JC’s shoulder pack

The price is about $13.60 w/ free shipping. It’s a great bag for my portable kit, and it’s built pretty sturdy. Any extra protection is better than none for a radio used out in the field.

Click here to view on eBay.

Thanks for the recommendation! That is incredibly affordable and a great looking bag.

I’m very partial to Spec Ops Brand packs, but they’re quite pricey in comparison.

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9 thoughts on “Radio Go Bag: JC recommends this affordable shoulder pack

  1. Ed McCorry (KI4QDE)

    Thomas, I took your advice and got the Spec-Ops Pack Rat for Christmas. I have the Sony 7600GR, V80 HT, and all the antennas, cables, batteries and accouterments needed for an out of the house trip. And it fits nicely in a backpack for a longer trip. Great tip and thanks.

    1. Thomas Post author

      That bag reminds me of one I used for my FT-817 (which I no longer own). After university, I worked for a few months at a mobile phone retailer (this is late 90s). People were turning in their old bag 5W phones for flip phones. We had a huge pile of padded bags that were thrown away. I eventually re-discovered one and used it to protect the 817. Worked like a charm!


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