Amazon deal: Grundig S450DLX $17.13 US (!!!) with free shipping

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UPDATE: Ooops! Appears this was a pricing error on the part of the seller.  They have cancelled orders that were placed.

I just discovered this excellent deal for a new Grundig S450DLX on from the Japan-based seller, SayakaDOU7.

Go to this page on, under the “Other Sellers on Amazon” click on the 4 new from $17.13.  There you can select the offer for $17.13 if it’s still available.

If you’re interested, you’d better grab this deal quickly–I have no idea how many the seller has available! Please comment if you snagged one!

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19 thoughts on “Amazon deal: Grundig S450DLX $17.13 US (!!!) with free shipping

    1. Steve

      There is no legal obligation to honor errors in pricing. Most brick and mortar stores will either honor the price for good customers relations or post notices of the error on line, in newspapers and in the store. Not so much with Internet only sellers.

      1. Edward

        I know with grocery stores in Massachusetts it is the law to honor mispriced merchandise, but the internet is a lawless frontier, Buyer beware.

  1. Mike from Toronto Kanada

    ……to Mr. Thomas, an off the cuff (and off the beaten path) question!…as mentioned before, you owned a Zenith Transoceanic 7000, so I would like to ask and compare this radio to the present day….Sangean 909X, Sony if-7600 gr, Tecsun pl 660, which are roughly in the same category. Although, for mechanical solidity no present day radio can touch the Zenith Transoceanic, but for sensitivity, selectivity, etc., how would they compare! …a rather broad question, but for some of us, who would like to recapture the 1970’s radios, I would like to be consoled as to how they compare to this era!…rsvp and thanks!

          1. DanH

            Out of curiosity what was the erroneous price listed on Amazon? The 909X is a knockout on all bands (with external antenna for SW). I had all kinds of fun with mine on 31 meters this morning, 1500 UTC hour: R. Australia, RNZI, BBC (two freqs in English), VO Korea, CRI. RTM Sarawak (Maylasian).

      1. Jason

        They had the 909x priced at $8.15! I knew they would cancel if I tried and that I would be ready here about everyone getting their $8 radio next month if I didn’t try!


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