Today: Test transmission for the BBC Midwinter Antarctic Broadcast

Halley VI: The British Antarctic Survey's new base (Source: BBC)

Halley VI: The British Antarctic Survey’s new base (Source: BBC)

(Source: Dan Ferguson via Mauno Ritola on the WRTH Facebook group)

Babcock has tests today, June 14, at 2130-2145, to Antarctica on 5985 (Woofferton), 6035 (Dhabayya), 7360 (Ascension), and 9720 (Woofferton).

I think we can assume three of these frequencies will be used for the annual mid-winter transmission to Antarctica on June 21 at 2130-2200.

I will attempt to receive the tests broadcasts today here in Québec; it will give me an indication if I stand a chance of reception next week.

I would appreciate any recordings of the test broadcast to add to the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive.

As Dan mentions above, next week, Tuesday, June 21, the BBC Antarctic Midwinter broadcast will take place once again.  This is one of my favorite shortwave events of the year.  Like last year, I hope we receive recordings of the on air event from across the globe!

Click here to listen to the recordings from 2015.

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5 thoughts on “Today: Test transmission for the BBC Midwinter Antarctic Broadcast

  1. Thomas Post author

    Sadly, I discovered that the QRM here at the condo in Québec is much too strong to receive anything that isn’t near blow-torch levels. I tried listening to the Wooferton signal on the 31meter band, but sadly it was buried in noise. Next week, I’ll have to head to the hills, find a quiet spot, and deploy a receiver to hopefully hear the Midwinter broadcast.

  2. Mark Hirst

    Woofferton is about 100 miles from me, so had no trouble with 5985kHz. Nothing heard on 9720kHz though or the other transmitters.

  3. DanH

    The sun and band conditions did in any possible reception of these frequencies on the US West Coast. I tried Sangean ATS-909X and Hammarlund SP-600 JX-21 with 105″ long wire to no avail. That’s OK, though. I get BBC World Service for several hours during the morning and one hour during the evening.


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