Paul’s (very cold) DXing post in Alaska

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who writes:

In case anyone is mildly curious, this is the spot where I sit to DX.


These are my radios and antennas.

Equipment in photo above: Grundig Satellit 750, Lowe HF225, 2 225 foot long wires, a Wellbrook ALA1530LNP magnetic loop and DX Engineering HF Preamp.


And this is what’s to my back when DXing at 0945 AM local time

It was warm today, 4F above zero (-15.5C) instead of yesterday’s -18F below (-27.7C)!

Paul Walker
Galena, Alaska

That’s it, Paul! Next time I hear a DXer complaining about the weather, I’m just going to send them a link to this post! 🙂 Those are some seriously cold temps, yet I know it gets much, much colder there in the winter!

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3 thoughts on “Paul’s (very cold) DXing post in Alaska

  1. Edward

    It looks like all battery power. How does it hold up in the cold. I recall ordinary zinc carbon cells performed as good as a block of wood with 2 nails pounded into it. Alkaline batteries were better, How do the new lithium batteries do?

    1. paul walker

      Lithium ion batteries do NOT like the cold….. my iphone has one and below about 15 degrees-ish, it starts to have issues.. below 0… it shuts down. it gets so cold, it thinkd the battery is dead even if you have a charge… not only do you have to warm it up, you have to plug it in to get it workingn again


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