The SWLing Post: 3,000 posts and counting!

SWLingPost-DXFiend-Vintage-FrontA couple of weeks ago, I noticed that we had crossed a small milestone here on the SWLing Post: as of this post, there are now 3,067 (!!!) published posts in our archives.

I simply can’t believe we’ve surpassed 3,000 posts–especially knowing we only passed 2,000 posts September of 2015.

People can say what they will about our shortwave hobby’s future, but I’m here to tell you that  interest in is far from dead. Indeed, it is dynamic, alive and well!

This morning, I took a look at our web statistics via Google Analytics for the month of December 2016 (not including today).

It’s hard for me to believe we’re averaging about 6,790 daily pageviews!

And the secret sauce in surpassing 3,000 posts and healthy numbers? Our amazing contributors!

Thank you so very much!

As I’ve mentioned before, I had no aspirations for the SWLing Post to become a popular destination for shortwave and amateur radio enthusiasts; it was mainly a site where I could jot down things I found of interest to me and keep tabs on the radio and international broadcasting industry. I was simply making my bookmarks and thoughts public, perhaps a little in advance of the social media outlets that now exist for shortwave radio and related topics.

As we move into 2017, I’d like to thank you all for reading and contributing to the SWLing Post community!

Happy New Year, radio friends!

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23 thoughts on “The SWLing Post: 3,000 posts and counting!

  1. Mario

    This is bar none the best site for the latest info on the radio listening hobby. Keeps the enthusiasm up and the inspiration running in high gear.

    Great work Thomas, thank you and all those who’ve posted and commented. Wishing all the best in 2017.

  2. Thomas Post author

    Wow–thank you all so much for the kind comments! The SWLing Post is a labor of love. It gets really busy sometimes, but posting here never feels like “work”–it’s all fun! I’ve also made so many friends here–wouldn’t give it up for anything!

    Thanks again for starting out the new year on such a positive note!


  3. Luke Perry

    3000? Heck, you’re just getting started :). But seriously, another reader here who checks the site daily and loves it. Here’s to good DX in 2017!

  4. TomL

    Hoppy New Beer! Oh, sorry, that was last night. Anyway, this is a great repository of knowledge for past, present, and future of the SWL interests and radio in general. I hope it continues. Thank you, Thomas, for maintaining this great website. Wishing everyone a healthy and safe New Year!

  5. Phil from Darwin

    Many thanks for a great informative site Thomas. I enjoy catching up with it as often as I can. Happy 2017!

  6. Rob Wagner

    A big congratulations, Thomas, on your 3000 posts in The range and quality of content is most impressive, and this blog is always a great read at any time. Your enthusiasm for all things radio comes through loud and clear! Thanks also to the many other contributors for providing a steady stream of interesting articles and news reports.

    Best wishes to you Thomas and all SWLing readers for 2017.

    Rob VK3BVW

  7. Cap

    I would like to echo comments from other SWL’s about how much I appreciate the blog and check it daily without fail.
    A big thank you to Thomas and contributers, without you all the hobby would be that little bit less interesting.

    Happy New Year……….Slainte mhath!

  8. Rob

    I agree that continuous fresh content is important to the success of this blog. I am always pleased when I check and there are two or three new posts and the majority of them interesting to my niche of the hobby. Keep up the terrific work! Happy New Year!

    – Rob

  9. Guy Atkins

    Happy New Year, Thomas! Congratulations on the 3,000+ posts. In my opinion your site is the #1 destination for the shortwave hobbyist who is also interested in other various aspects of radio. The regular contributors have excellent experience and background, and I’m always impressed with the interesting topics and articles that appear on the SWLing Post! Well done, sir, and all the best to you in 2017.

  10. DanH

    Congratulations Thomas!

    I’m one of the daily readers of SWLing Post who values this unique connection to the SWLing world. I generally check-in every morning just as soon as I have finished the SW band scans. My flat screen monitor swamps out most SW bands! Right now I’m enjoying one of the last mornings of Radio Australia booming in on 9580 kHz. It’s already 2017 there.

    Happy New Year!


  11. Ed McCorry

    Hi Thomas,

    Well there isn’t much else to say except this is a great site and I never miss a day. I can always count on all the new radio information and the extended discussions that sometimes occur. All very enjoyable. Thanks for putting in the time to keep it alive. I’m sure all of us really appreciate it.

    Happy New Year to you and your family and all the other radio folks out there. May it be a safe, healthy and peaceful year for all. 73

    Ed, KI4QDE

  12. Joe Schierer

    Thank you Thomas, for maintaining this wonderful site.
    I have always loved radio since I was old enough to talk!
    I remember the days where the Shortwave bands were so busy that you had your pick of what you wanted to listen to.

    I do miss those days, and this site does a great job of keeping the hobby alive!

  13. Clint Gouveia

    Hi Thomas,

    Congrats on this impressive milestone! The SWLing Post is an invaluable source of ‘all things radio’ to so many of us – and it’s been a pleasure to make my small contribution. Long may it continue!

    Happy New Year!


  14. Aaron K

    Congrats Tom!

    Your blog is one of the things that got me interested in Shortwave listening and more excited about radio as a whole. Here’s to another 3,000!

  15. DL4NO

    Hello Thomas,

    thank you for your continuous, good and inspiring work!

    Normally I concentrate on my own site which is mostly in German. But as you know I try do add my bits here from time to time.


  16. John C.


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is a great site for all things radio especially Shortwave. It’s refreshing that the little guy or new SWLer has a place to go to learn new information without having to join a SW Club or Group. I personally have learned many things from the great posts on, and I look forward to new posts daily. I tend to ignore those who continue to bemoan the decline of Shortwave as a hobby and listening medium. For me as long as I can hear even one station broadcasting it’s worth it! Thanks Thomas for all you do!

    1. Robert Gulley

      Well said, John! I can’t remember exactly when I found this blog, but I know I came across it some years ago through references from the ‘net. Because this site is so active, and there are so many who view it, Thomas has made a place easily found by anyone interested in SWL, or almost any aspect of the radio hobby.
      May there be many more thousands of posts to come! Happy New Year Thomas!


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