DSWCI archives now online

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Harald Kuhl, who shares the following message sent by Anker Petersen of the The Danish Shortwave Club International (DSWCI):

Dear DSWCI members.

In a few hours the DSWCI exists no longer.

But our webmaster Rolf Wernli has done a tremendous job between Christmas and New Year by changing our wellknown website to an electronic archive with good reading for all members !

If our former website appears, it is because it has been saved in your computer.

Please type www.dswci.org, press Enter and the new website should appear.

Enjoy and have a Happy New Year!

Best 73,


What a brilliant resource! Thank you, Harald, for passing this information along and many thanks to the fine folks at the DSWCI for sharing their archives with the radio community!

Click here to browse the archives at the DSWCI website.

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3 thoughts on “DSWCI archives now online

  1. Mark Fahey

    Wow thank you DSWCI – In recent years I purchased your domestic broadcasting survey. Now to have access to the whole historic resource is fantastic. Thank you! Now that all you guys are “retired” – enjoy all that free time you now have by doing somthing fun, like more DXing! Cheers, Mark

  2. Rob Wagner

    Agreed, Thomas. DSWCI was amongst the premier DX clubs for decades. The enthusiasm and DXing expertise of their members, both in Denmark and around the world, was of the highest order. It is indeed wonderful to see that the club has chosen to leave these archives as a legacy for the enjoyment of all radio enthusiasts. I for one have already begun exploring and reminiscing over the recordings, QSLs and all the old DX tips from the past. Many thanks to Rolf, Anker and others at DSWCI.
    Rob Wagner VK3BVW


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