RRI Summer 2017 broadcast schedule

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David Iurescia (LW4DAF), for sharing Radio Romania International’s 2017 summer shortwave radio schedule:

For full details about the various ways you  can listen to RRI, check out their website.

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6 thoughts on “RRI Summer 2017 broadcast schedule

  1. DanH

    I’m receiving RRI very well right now in northern California on 7340 kHz (0400 hour, UTC). That’s still on the winter schedule. Lately, I’ve been following RRI during this hour with BBC on 7445 during the 0500 hour. I’ve heard this BBC Ascension relay so many times I can nail it on the the SP-600 logging scale before sign-on. If I’m up late enough and the band holds up I’ll have RNZI from 0500-0800 on 11725. RNZI shifts frequency to a usually booming signal on 9765 at 0759. It’s fun to follow the Bellbird interval signal during frequency changes.

  2. Tom Servo

    They’re dropping all broadcasts in the 49 meter band? That’s a shame, it’s about the only way I can hear them reliably here in the southern US. The 41 meter broadcasts are always very noisy.

    Right now I have a pretty good setup for what I want to hear: with the SDR, I can record 5800-6180 kHz or thereabouts, and each night I can go back and listen at my leisure to Prague, Slovakia, Romania, Cuba, China and sometimes even NHK in Japanese if I leave it running long enough. It gives me plenty to hear when even if conditions are just so-so. Once in a blue moon I can even get snippets of RRI in DRM off the recording.


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