SDRplay releases SDRuno version 1.13

SDRuno running the RSP2.

(Source: Jon Hudson, SDRplay)

SDRplay has just released SDRuno version 1.13 which adds the much requested ‘IF Out’ facility for Panadapter use. It also includes the following updates:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed RSP2 IF AGC/gain slider display issues


  • Added IF Output mode for transceivers
  • Added 250 Hz to frequency step size list
  • Default page in the settings panels is now the left most page each time SDRuno is started
  • Added RSP2 IF GR/Gain value
  • Added Factory Reset in the Main Window OPT menu (1st Instance only)
  • Improved power function error handling
  • Added support for Sub Modes, Filter BW and Port Selction in the Memory Panel
  • Changed RDS window colour scheme to match other windows
  • Added new hotkeys ‘v’, ‘-‘ and ‘+’ which are for VFO, Out and In zoom buttons in the SP1 window
  • Hotkey ‘b’ now opens AND closes the memory panel
  • Changed the default sync Rig->VRX setting to true
  • API – RefClk o/p no longer stops when the master RSP2 stops streaming

To get this latest version, go to:

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8 thoughts on “SDRplay releases SDRuno version 1.13


    I would like the display to show VFO B. Ham radio folks often use split operation where the transmit frequency is not the same as the receive frequency. VFO B is the transmit frequency and VFO A is the listening frequency. VFO B audio should be heard on one of the audio channels and VFO A on the pother channel.

  2. Jon

    Hi – yes I’m reading this and indeed, we have a long list of features to add to SDRuno and a recording schedule system is one of them… it’s on the list – sorry it will be a while yet. Many thanks for your patience and also to the patience of other users who have made requests for features and improvements yet to be made. The SDRplay SDRuno Facebook group is a great way to discuss techniques and work-arounds for some of the features which are yet to be included – you can find this at:

    Best regards, Jon

    1. Guy Atkins

      Thank you for the reply, Jon. It’s very refreshing when a manufacturer takes the time to listen and respond to customers!

  3. Guy Atkins

    I love SDRuno and its predecessor Studio 1 (which I still use), but will be very happy to see a recording scheduler added as a feature! MW DXers especially have been asking for this since the early days of Studio 1. The built-in scheduler is the main reason I keep using HDSDR and occasionally Elad’s FDM-SW2 software.

    I hope you’re reading this, Jon Hudson! :^)

    1. Tom Servo

      That’s certainly make me happy as well! Right now I’m limping by with just setting recordings and letting them go until I get back home or remember to shut them off. Last night I fell asleep early and woke up with 79 GB in data files!

  4. karl keller

    Every night when I say my prayers, I ask God to have someone write a real SDR program for people like me who own Chromebooks, and are locked into this silly Chrome operating system. So far…no answer. I’ll keep praying.

    1. WB8LEA

      Have you tried Crouton? Crouton allows you to run Linux on your Chromebook and I know there are SDRPlay programs for Linux…


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