RFE/Radio Liberty add transmitter in Lithuania

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Kim Elliott, who notes that Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty have added a new transmitter in Lithuania:

(Source: The Baltic Course)

A new transmitter will be launched in Lithuania this week for broadcasting the Russian and Belarusian-language services of the US Congress-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) aimed at countering Russian propaganda, reports LETA/BNS.

It will replace a 52-year-old transmitter in Sitkunai, close to Kaunas, that has been transmitting programs for listeners in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova at a lower quality.

The medium wave (AM) transmitter was manufactured some five years ago and was used by the US Defense Department in Western Germany to broadcast a radio program for American troops stationed abroad.

The transmitting power of the new device is set at 75 kilowatts, the same as that of the old one, but it can be increased up to 300 kilowatts if needed, Rimantas Pleikys, the owner of Radio Baltic Waves International, said.[…]

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Kim noted that the US Embassy in Vilnius also reported on the RFE tower dedication. Click here to read the post.

Thanks for sharing, Kim!

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10 thoughts on “RFE/Radio Liberty add transmitter in Lithuania

  1. K.U.

    The transmitter relays NHK World and Radio Poland in addition to Radio Liberty. Here is the schedule (coped from http://www.mwlist.org/mwlist_quick_and_easy.php?area=1&kHz=1386):

    Radio Baltic Waves International 1386 kHz:
    Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 0300-0330 be,
    NHK World 0330-0400 ru,
    Radio Poland 0400-0500 be,
    Radio Poland 1630-1730 ru,
    NHK World 1730-1800 ru,
    Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 1800-1900 ru,
    Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 1900-2100 be,
    Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 2100-0300 ru

  2. Vasily

    Good job. Reception at around midnight Moscow time was very good. Driving West on the highway. Listening in car. OUTSIDE Moscow. Signal – strong. In the city it is a totally different story. AM reception is next to impossible because of all the man made noise.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Thanks for the report, Vasily. AM radio has a tough time competing with even traffic signals. I can imagine Moscow would really wipe it out.

  3. Richard Langley

    Is this simply the “grand opening” of the Radio Baltic Waves transmitter at Viesintos on 1386 kHz, which came on line on 21 April, the same day that its transmitter in Sitkunai on the same frequency was deactivated? I don’t believe there was any pause in relaying Radio Liberty. Stores in North America often have a grand opening several months after they actually open for business.

    1. qwerty.am

      I am in the coverage area of this transmitter and I can confirm there wasn’t any pause in the operation. The station operates only in the mornings and during the night so most of the listeners probably didn’t even notice it. The maximum power of the new transmitter is 200 kW (not 300).


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