Dave reviews the Tivdio V-115

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Zantow (N9EWO), who notes that he has published a review of the Tivdio V-115 on his website.

Dave’s conclusion? This little receiver is a “Decent Low Cost Pocket Set.” I would whole-heartedly agree. I mean, this little radio is widely available on Amazon and eBay for around $19.00 – 25.00 US including shipping!  About as inexpensive as a radio gets.

Though you pay for what you get, with the Tivdio V-115 (a.k.a. Audiomax SRW-710S), you get a lot more radio than you would expect for the price.

Listening to the BBC Midwinter Broadcast on June 21, 2017 in Québec.

In terms of performance, the V-115 isn’t on par with even the venerable ($40-50) Tecsun PL-310ET (in my opinion).

However, the V-115 has decent off-air recording capabilities and is more sensitive than anything else in its price range that I’ve reviewed (despite internally-generated noise). I receive numerous inquiries from SWLs in India who seek a $20-30 receiver–the V-115 may be a good choice for those on a very tight budget.

But Dave’s review goes into great detail about the V-115’s quirks, performance and overall usability. I encourage you to read it before making a purchase decision.

Click here to read Dave’s review.

The Tivdio V-115 is available via Amazon and eBay. It is also badged as the Audiomax SRW-710S. Click here to read other reviews we’ve posted.

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11 thoughts on “Dave reviews the Tivdio V-115

  1. Frank

    I like it, too, and have it around almost every day; VOA Botswana received fine last night in Central Europe on 15580 and 1215 Absolute Radio works splendid. For strong stations, it is very useful.
    And if propagation conditions are bad I listen to number stations mp3s on it 😉
    Even if the Tecsun 310 is far far better on SW, it´s the all-around package plus good sound plus recorder that makes the Tivdio enjoyable as an extra radio.

  2. The Professor

    As often noted, this radio is a minor wonder at its price point, although it could hardly be called a DX ready receiver.

    However, I think the popularity of this little set is indicative of a greater desire. Why in these days of advanced portable radio technology (at a lower cost than ever imaginable years ago) hasn’t somebody come up with a DX capable multi-band radio with integrated MP3 recording and MP3 playback?

    And Tecsun comes to mind. No other company has continued to create so many new portable radios that often impress and offer great features. How hard it be to evolve on of their PL-3XX radios into a micro-card MP3 recorder and player, with all the shielding to make it a practical recorder for archiving DX radio (i.e. no extra noise from the MP3 tech inside)? Unattended timer recording potential seems like a fine idea as well. It’s my guess that a radio like that would immediately be a hit within the SWL hobby.

    Even better, take a truly hi-fidelity portable like the PL-880, with equip it with an on-board MP3 player/recorder with ipod like functions and display. And perhaps add Bluetooth technology because it would be a fine speaker for your phone or computer too . Of course, the new S-8800 would also be a fine radio to to be outfitted like that. And surely Sangean or C Crane could also come up with such a set as well.

    Anyway, I often wonder why something like this hasn’t come to pass. Like the DE1126 and the G2 Reporter before it, the V-115 is another imperfect SW radio/digital recorder. But at twenty bucks it’s the best value, until the real thing comes along.

    1. Jason

      Sangean did create the DAR-101 to accompany the ATS-909 series of radios (which have a record output)

      Tecsun created the ICR-100 to be used with the earphone jack of any of their receivers.

      You are right though, there has never been a DX capable radio that can also record.

      Degen has the DE1125, DE1126, DE1127 and DE28 which are all pocket radios with recording built in

      Degen also created the DE1128 (also known as the Grundig G2 Reporter) and DE29 but they aren’t DX machines either.

      As a side note, even CNET reviewed the reporter

      I believe that’s the first (and only?) time I’ve seen the mass media review a shortwave radio.

      That was reported on by swling post back in 2012

      Eton will still sell you one of these (if you are desperate) for the princely sum of $250 US, and ebay sellers are selling them at similar prices.

  3. Jason

    I have one of these, for the price it’s excellent. Recharges over USB too and that makes it even better as a travel radio, rather than carrying around spare AA batteries or even a bulky power plug.

    Whilst this one is excellent, don’t buy it’s younger sibling the V-111. It is poor in comparison although the V-111 still receives local stations just fine (but that’s about all it can do). It also has terrible imaging of MW locals on SW.

    The V-115 doesn’t cost much extra and doesn’t have any of those issues. Beware of ebay sellers charging $70+ for the V-115.

    I’m amazed this radio is only $20 Australian shipped.

    1. Prakash

      I agree. I should have read your review before buying the V-111, but its too late and the vendor refunded portion of the money instead of me shipping back for return/replacement

  4. Timothy Myers

    Just getting back into swl’ing. I have a Grinding G3. It’s pretty good for AM but touchy on SSB with the thumbwheel. Hardly ever listen to the ham bands because it’s tuff to tune in and sound is not the best. Would consider a Yacht Boy if the stations I used to enjoy were still there. Too much cash for less content….Tim N4TCM

  5. Wes

    This is not our modified version of the ATS-909X. ?
    I had this radio and let it get away from me some how!
    Saw it on sale at Radiolabs.com and had the above statement about “not our mod. version”?
    Have you done a review on this radio? I missed it if you did. If so please link me to it.
    And tell me what the modified version would, be if you can.
    The one i had was a great radio but had some audio issues at times.

  6. Vince

    I received mine last week. The radio alone is worth the less than $20 shipped. But the off-air recording capability makes this radio a must have for those quick band scans during vacations.


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