The XHDATA D-808: Ivan shares internal photos

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ivan, who shares the following internal photos of the XHDATA D-808 (which we believe may be a rebadged Digitech AR-1780):

Many thanks, Ivan. Perhaps someone can compares these with that of the Digitech AR-1780.

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8 thoughts on “The XHDATA D-808: Ivan shares internal photos

  1. Goga

    The Battery from kit has an inscription that to charge possible, but only in specialized by ZU. Leaves that he without protection. In ditto time there is possibility of the charging through receiver, which last before 10-ti hours, what the instruction speaks. Means this presence of the built-in controller of the charging do not know. Tried to charge. Indication of the process of the charging is displayed.

  2. Davo

    From aliexpress seller: “Good news, this product is about to sell (the normal sale price is $ 69.98), in advance to add to cart and leave message to contact us can enjoy ten dollars coupon.”

    1. Daniele


      Passa a italiano
      i also have a d808
      does anyone know if there are hidden menus or changes to eliminate muting during vfo rotation?

  3. Edward

    I like these pop the hood photos of new radios. I would like to see more SWL’ers doing this. It is done with cars, why not radios.

  4. Victor

    Tunable circuits at the input to the SW bands. It is very good. And, finally, an excellent lithium battery size of 18650.


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