Mark recommends the Otterbox 3000 as a robust case for the XHDATA D-808

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Hirst, who writes:


I’m something of an obsessive when it comes to hardcore protective cases for radios, phones and other gadgets.

I was very pleased then to discover that my new XHDATA D-80, which arrived today from Amazon UK, fits inside my Otterbox 3000 dry box with room to fit small accessories.

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Although they are discontinued now, I’ve picked up Otterbox dry boxes (such as the 2000 box) from eBay new or lightly used.

My early impressions of the radio are all positive, and I’m looking forward to exploring it further in the next few days.

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As you well know, Mark, I’m a certified pack and case geek. Seeing how well it fits your D-808, I know the Digitech AR-1780 should fit too.

How enabling of you, Mark! I think I’ll have to grab one of these. I have a couple of Otterboxes, but all larger (deeper) than this one. Purchasing a used case would be safe as Otterbox products are incredibly durable and nearly indestructible.  Thanks for the tip, Mark!

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2 thoughts on “Mark recommends the Otterbox 3000 as a robust case for the XHDATA D-808

  1. Troy Riedel

    Single handgun cases work great for protecting radios – and they have upper & lower layers of foam (the top layer likely will need to be removed to fit the radio). I have an assortment of these cases (and they are still in production) … for example, the MTM for $8.99 at Amazon:

    High Desert cases are only $4.44. shipped (plus tax) from I have several of these. Though currently out of stock, I know from experience they regularly restock these and you shouldn’t have to wait longer than 2-weeks for restocking. They are slightly smaller than the MTMs but effective nonetheless:

    I have at least 20 of these cases of varying sizes that I use to protect radios & my astronomical equipment.


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