BBG sets five-year goals

(Source: Radio World via Richard Langley)

BBG Sets Itself a Series of Five-Year Goals

Agency points to security, need to keep pace with changing media landscape

The Broadcasting Board of Governors has a definite goal for the next five years — advance America’s national interests, work in tandem with the current administration’s national security strategies, and keep its networks up to speed with the way the media landscape has changed.

The board, known widely as BBG, recently released its 2018–2022 Strategic Plan titled “Information Matters: Impact and Agility in U.S. International Media.” The plan was presented to the board during the group’s March board meeting in Washington.

“This plan is a comprehensive roadmap for moving the agency forward in the next five years, including significantly increasing our audience reach,” said BBG Chief Executive Officer and Director John F. Lansing.[…]

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2 thoughts on “BBG sets five-year goals

  1. Richard Langley

    A key sentence from the plan:
    “Global forces that shaped the previous BBG Strategic Plan have only intensified with
    the weaponization of information and deteriorating media freedom around the world.
    The prior BBG Strategic Plan addressed these challenges and U.S. international media
    has delivered on these goals. Signature accomplishments include launching a vibrant
    24/7 Russian-language TV and digital channel with a specialized web and social
    media team that counters Kremlin disinformation and tells the truth about Russian,
    American, and global events; accelerating the migration from shortwave radio to
    satellite TV, FM, mobile, and social media; pioneering technologies to circumvent
    government-imposed Internet firewalls; reinvigorating the telling of America’s
    story by expanding a ‘U.S. bureau’ approach for reporting to media outlets around
    the world; and fully operationalizing a sophisticated, dynamic Impact Model to
    demonstrate effectiveness and improve accountability.”
    Note the statement about shortwave radio.


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