Mike’s impressive collection of early production transistor radios

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mike Thomas, who shares the following reply to our recently post highlighting a number of novelty radios. Mike writes:

That is a nice collection of novelty radios. I have a few of them but tend to focus on early production transistors.

[Here is a] picture of my collection:

This is a large photo–click to open and zoom in.

Wow! What a remarkable collection, Mike! Thank you for sharing!

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3 thoughts on “Mike’s impressive collection of early production transistor radios

  1. Mario

    Beautiful collection of the early days of transistor radios and thanks for the post. I started with 2-transistor radio but found out that friends had 6- and even 12-transistor models. Lots of these could be bought at the local five and dime and even drug stores. I think that the 2-transistor models were the cheapest and easiest to import because they were considered more of a toy as opposed to the higher-end 6 and 12 transistor radios. Lots of us graduated from crystal receivers to these types as shown in the post and they opened up a new world of radio listening pleasure.

    Again thank you for the happy trip down radio memory lane.

  2. Tom Reitzel

    This picture transports me back in time, not quite physically! LoL

    Although I can’t remember the brand (white, 11 transistor Panasonic?), I remember holding it in my hands and tuning it with the dial.


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