A protective case for the Tecsun PL-680, PL-660, and similar portables

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Hirst, who writes:

It seems the world is full of containers that are serendipitously sized for radios and other treasured possessions.

Unfortunately, this tip is probably only helpful to UK based readers of the SWLing Post.

WH Smiths, high street stationer and purveyors of newspapers and magazines, infamous for their high prices and poor service, were doing a clearance sale in my neighbourhood.

I spotted a £3 semi-rigid pencil case that looked like it might fit my new PL-680, and when I got it home, found that it was a great fit.

I cut out the internal flap that holds the pens with scissors, and the result speaks for itself.

Wow! That’s a brilliant case for for the PL-680, Mark! That exterior color will also ensure you never lose it in the wild. Thanks for sharing this tip. What a fabulous bargain at £3!  Post readers in the UK, take note!

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8 thoughts on “A protective case for the Tecsun PL-680, PL-660, and similar portables

  1. Tony F

    Grabbed a USA Gear 7.5 inch hard shell case on Amazon. Inserted a foam strip along bottom to fill in the gap for my Tecsun PL-680

  2. Jon collins

    tecsun pl-660 comes with its own protective case which is very good,soft but strong,can afford more expensive radio but pl-660 8s amazing especially 9n the ham bands and 27 mhz cb

    1. RonF

      From memory the PL-880 is only 1/4″ or so wider than the PL-660, and Googling suggests it’s the same size as the PL-680 shown. So I’d guess “yes”.

  3. Daniel Robinson

    I’ve been using similar cases sold in Staples to hold several portables, as well as GPS units.


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