Radio Northern Europe International on shortwave

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Roseanna, who shares the following announcement posted on her blog:

(Source: The Girl With The Radio)

I would like to share something very exciting that I’ve been working on since May 2019:
Radio Northern Europe International

RNEI will be the station for pop and dance music from Northern Europe on shortwave playing music from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, the UK and Ireland!

I aim to play music you haven’t heard before and the first show features a very exciting experiment: Embedded MFSK64! This means, hidden in the final song, there will be the song list sent in MFSK64 in such a way it won’t be off-putting for those of you not decoding!
My shows will mainly consist of lesser known music with a small amount of speaking and jingles. Without spoiling too much of the show I can hint that you’ll hear some Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, English and Icelandic language music if you tune in!

The first pilot show will go out on 6070 kHz Channel292 from Germany (decent reception all over Europe) at the following times:
February Saturdays 19:00-19:30 UTC (Starting Saturday 15th)

I’m also in talks with so there is a possibility of using 3975KHz & 6160KHz as well (increased reception in the Benelux/UK/Ireland regions!)
After the broadcast, shows will be published on Mixcloud and my reception on YouTube in case you’ve missed the show!

I will respond to all reception reports sent in and, if I get enough, I’ll try and get postcards made to send out (I’ve designed one I want to get printed!)

I would like to take this space to thank RPC Audio (Jono) for the cheap jingles and Daz from HFZone for helping me with making my mic sound good!

I really hope you all get a chance to listen in and that you get decent reception!
until next time,

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10 thoughts on “Radio Northern Europe International on shortwave

  1. Kari Kallio

    A lot of Norwegian announcements in your show. Hopefully also in other Northern languages 🙂 in the future.
    I did put a RR on the way yesterday of the replay!
    We are just talking about RNEI in a Whats App group in Central Finland (Radio Activists)… and guessing that station´s interesting name.
    What might it be the reason? Do you play record requets in the future possibly!

    1. Rex

      I am hearing your station loud and clear in Kansas City, USA using a 1930’s Philco shortwave console radio with a 50-foot copper antenna over my back yard.

      5930 kHz
      Local time 20:30

      Thank you.

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    1. isaac

      withe right rx equipment. try a loop or yaggi (i recommend loop for hf) and point it at the tx. or 180 .

      or if the direction is away from you point it so you have the best chance of getting it.

      with summer coming i wish u luck. I defiantly know i will try hard


  3. mangosman

    You don’t say what the power of the transmitter is and where it is within Germany,
    If this project takes off you should consider transmitting some of your content in DRM so that you can get crystal clear stereo sound despite being in the high frequency (short wave) band.

    1. The Girl with the Radio

      Hi Mangosman,

      It goes out on channel 292 (as mentioned in the post)!
      This means it’s broadcast at 10kW on 6070KHz. The licence for DRM costs thousands and I don’t have that type of money, nor do I believe DRM is worth that money. It would perform about as good as the RFi trial broadcast…
      The other issue is that the audio quality when you make the signal very robust suffers very heavily.
      I have done many experiments on this and if your interested you could hop over to the HFZone discord and I could show you all of them?

      Hopefully that answers some of your questions!
      – TGWTR


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