Video: 1954 Inauguration of REE/RNE Shortwave Radio Transmitters

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ulis Fleming (K3LU), who shares the following video via Twitter and notes:

Spain: Must see newsreel video of the 1954 inauguration of REE/RNE shortwave radio transmitters:

Click here to watch video at the RTVE archives.

Many thanks for sharing this excellent bit of radio history, Ulis. I was just telling a friend that Radio Exterior de España still has one of the biggest signals out of Europe into North America these days on 9690 kHz.

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3 thoughts on “Video: 1954 Inauguration of REE/RNE Shortwave Radio Transmitters

  1. Jos

    RNE was briefly broadcasting on Long Wave 207 kHz at their Logrono transmitter but shut it down rather quickly due to lack of interest and high overhead cost. I think this was at some point in the 80ies.

  2. Bob LaRose W6ACU

    When I first started DXing in 1959 RNE had a strong signal in.ECNA with their nightly English programs on the odd frequency of 9366 KHz. It must have had some historical significance. If I remember correctly also started with La Malaguenia as a lead-in.

  3. Des Walsh

    Not a comment about REE/RNE shortwave but RNE5 Logrono listed as being on LONG WAVE ! Was is ever transmitting on Long Wave (207kHz ?? ). Mentioned in Wikipedia info about Logrono town . Was Spain ever on Longwave , other than perhaps experimental/unauthorised Txs in the early days of Radio ?
    Des Walsh


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