The book that took David down the path of SWLing and ham radio

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David (G4EDR), who writes:

I enjoyed reading about the vintage shortwave radio book memories from Bob W6ACU and it prompted me dig out the book which got me started in SWLing back in 1970. It was in a series of illustrated teach yourself books and the title was ‘Radio’ written by David Gibson G3JDG [see cover above].

I borrowed it from the school library and renewed the loan so many times the librarian suggested I should buy my own copy so that someone else could have the chance to borrow it! I still have my own copy of the book bought with my saved pocket money for the sum of 15 shillings. That was before the UK changed to decimal currency (15 shillings is 75p in decimal).

The book covered basic radio theory and several construction projects including a crystal set and an atu which I made and I also learned all about amateur radio and QSL cards.

That was the start of my life long obsession with radio. How things have changed over 50 years! Thank you for allowing me to rekindle those happy early days of this fantastic hobby of ours.

73, David – G4EDR.

Thank you, David, for sharing your memories with us. It’s amazing, isn’t it, the impact one book or one radio can have on one’s life!

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9 thoughts on “The book that took David down the path of SWLing and ham radio

  1. Ian

    Yes I still have that book too, Had it in the seventies and all the magic that it started it still sits on my shelf now.



  2. Jon hudson

    That book has a lot to answer for. SDRplay, in so far as my part in it, only exists thanks to that very book! It was that book that inspired me to build a receiver aged around 12 or 13! That led to amateur radio and a career in electronics. I still have my original copy of the book.

    Jon, G4ABQ

  3. John

    I had a pair of headphones just like that in the picture…they don’t make for extended periods of comfortable listening that’s for sure.

    1. Thomas Post author

      You say this the day I took delivery of a 40 meter transceiver kit! I love the smell of solder smoke in the morning. 🙂



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