Radio War: Looking forward to this read…

Have you ever ordered an item knowing you would be facing shipping delays, and when it finally arrives, you forgot you had even ordered it in the first place? Sort of feels like you got a gift from yourself?

Please tell me you do–!

That’s how I felt recently when my copy of Radio War by David Abrutat arrived. I first read about this book in RadCom and then in The Spectrum Monitor. Being a WWII history buff and (obviously) a radio enthusiast, it doesn’t get much better than this.

I’m brewing a cup of coffee right now, and heading to our porch for a little “DEAR” time as my girls like to call it (Drop Everything and Read).

This is the life!

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5 thoughts on “Radio War: Looking forward to this read…

  1. Bill Lee

    And skimming Library Genesis for terms radio war finds 19 books about similar topics.
    including Horten, Gerd Radio goes to war: the cultural politics of propaganda during World War II

  2. John Brandt

    You can look forward to a time when you get a bit dotty (dottier, like me) when you buy a book (paper or digital) or video, put it aside when it arrives and then at some time in the future buy it again!

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