JNHK2 on WRMI this Sunday

Happy Friday SWLing Post lounge community, Fastradioburst23 here letting you know about our special Imaginary Stations JNHK 2 broadcast which will be aired on Sunday 14th May 2023 at 2200 UTC on 9395 kHz via the services of WRMI. The broadcast features some excellent recordings of Japanese radio from our long-time listener Takuji Sahara from Tokyo. Tune in and sample what’s to be found on the radio dial in Japan. In the words of one of the Imaginary Stations crew “It’s great to know radio is alive and well in Japan.”

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5 thoughts on “JNHK2 on WRMI this Sunday

  1. Hosein

    Hello, I am Hosein from Iran. I have a vague memory of receiving shortwave from Japan in Iran. My grandfather about 50 years ago with a tube radio that had a wooden frame. He picks up a station with a lot of jamming and suddenly shouts, “I got a Japanese radio station.” Then he installed a long wire between two trees of the house and connected a wire to the radio antenna in the middle. From then on, every night he listened to Radio Tokyo in excellent quality. Although my grandfather did not have an academic education, he used to repair all his neighbors’ and friends’ tube radios at home and taught me as well. He died 18 years ago but his old tube radio still lives on in my desk. Sincerely, Hosein from Iran.

    1. Fastradioburst23 Post author

      Hi Hosein, lovely story and great that you still have your grandfather’s tube radio!

  2. Mark Fahey

    Well, the second line of my previously posted comment was written in Japanese, but when rendered as a comment it is displayed as ???????? – too bad nobody will ever read what I wrote – it was one of my best comments ever!


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