It’s a mystery

Hi FastRadioBurst 23 from the Imaginary Stations crew here letting you know about the Imaginary Stations Spring mystery challenge. We are inviting all our listeners to guess the theme of the show below on Mixcloud.

Please send your suggestions to [email protected] and the person who comes closest will be sent an individual QSL and a prize.

For more information on the shows please email [email protected] and check out our old shows here.

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2 thoughts on “It’s a mystery

  1. Mike

    What in the World is an “imaginary radio station?” Can someone explain this? I mean, I have a REAL radio in front of me with an antenna and a dial.

    1. Fastradioburst23 Post author

      Cheers for asking Mike. Our Imaginary Station shortwave radio shows contain content developed around a theme or an idea.

      We broadcast to Europe via Shortwave Gold every Sunday at 0900/1300 hrs UTC on 6160 kHz and then at 2000 UTC on 6160 kHz and 3975 kHz. We are also on WRMI on a Thursday at 0200 UTC on 9395 kHz.

      If you’re interested in our old shows, the last 10 are here


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