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“Radio Moscow and the Western Hemisphere”–more Cold War recordings

If you haven’t gotten your fill of Cold War shortwave yet,  you’ll love these recordings posted on YouTube–Radio Moscow and the Western Hemisphere 1961 by Cook Labs. There are four separate recordings representing two LP’s, both side A and B. Here are direct links to YouTube:

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A nostalgic Cold War shortwave audio montage

Kudos to Mike Barraclough for bringing this video/audio to my attention. According to Mike, this audio montage was featured in an edition of Communications World in October 2000. It’s an amazing mixture of Cold War era audio recorded entirely on the shortwave spectrum. Enjoy via embedded video below, or click here to view directly on YouTube.

(Source: Paul Dougherty)

Cold War Shortwave was created in 1989 using off-air recordings made while I was traveling in Europe circa 1985. This was a time when propaganda was harsh, before the Gorbachev inspired thaw. The collage was done with Soundwave from Impulse, my first experience with non-linear, random access editing.

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