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John Allen keeps radio history alive

(Source: Delmarva Now)

A fat and sassy black cat purrs in John Allen’s lap. Relaxing in his favorite chair, Allen’s fingers vanished into the silky fur as he stroked his cat while listening to the Big Band sounds coming through a 1930s radio.

With its warm wood finish and the soft yellow glow of light from the dial, the vintage radio is as soothing as the thin shadows in the room.

[…]Stacked neatly in his living room are a dozen or so radios from the past. The sets are piled several deep. Other are stored in his shop, tucked tightly on shelves.

[…]”Maybe if you count the regular radios, the military radios, and the spy radios, I might have a little more than 200,” he said.

That’s right, he said “spy radios.”

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