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Even more Seeburg on shortwave

Good day all shortwave community, Fastradioburst23 here letting you know of a further CBRG special on WRMI from the Imaginary Stations crew. It’s a special low r.p.m. edition and it’s on Sunday 22nd January 2023 on 9395 kHz at 2300 hrs UTC. More on CBRG below. Tune in and enjoy!

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Kearsarge North calling, Kearsarge North calling

Seasonal greetings and a Happy New year from Fastradioburst23 and all of the crew at Imaginary Stations. Explore more “frequencies of the imagination” on Sunday 1st January 2023 as Kearsarge North Transmission Service  goes on the air via WRMI at 2300 hrs UTC on 9395 kHz. Tune in and enjoy. More on the show below:

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Seasonal Seeburg on shortwave

Firstly a large seasonal greetings to all the SWLing post community from Fastradioburst23 and from all of the crew at the Imaginary Stations. Thanks to all who have tuned in to our programmes this year.

As a festive treat on Sunday 25th December 2022 via WRMI on 9395 kHz at 2300 hrs UTC we have a very mellow festive Seeberg special called CBRG. Tune in and enjoy! More on the programme below.

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