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Roundup of software defined radios



Many thanks to several readers (including Mike and Greg) who have shared a link to RTL-SDR.com’s Roundup of Software Defined Receivers. The list gives an excellent, comprehensive overview of SDRs currently on the market. I encourage you to check it out.

Indeed, while you’re at RTL-SDR.com, take a look at their active blog and forum to get the most out of your RTL-SDR dongle!

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Excellent website dedicated to the RTL-SDR

RTL-SDRSWLing Post reader, Mike, writes:

Check this website – not only does it cover RTL dongles, but others as well as Airspy…


Many thanks, Mike. The depth of RTL-SDR.com is most impressive. They seem to post near daily updates on their blog.

Perhaps it’s time I jump into the RTL-SDR craze and get an upconverter as well to work HF. I’ve hesitated making this modest investment in the past because I have other top-shelf SDRs. A dongle, however, would certainly prove to be ultra-portable; especially for one bag travel.

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Video: Review of the DX Patrol SDR dongle


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, John, for sharing this video review of the DX Patrol SDR receiver.

The reviewer gives the DX Patrol high marks on shortwave performance, but admits that there is a significant learning curve in terms of software installation and tweaking settings for performance.

At 79 € ($110 US) the DX Patrol is certainly an inexpensive wide band SDR. Unlike the $20 RTL-SDR dongles, the DX PAtrol requires no external up-convertor.  

Click here to purchase the DX Patrol online, but keep in mind that the reviewer above noted a 6 week turn-around time for shipment. 

If you have experience with the DX Patrol SDR, please comment!

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