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Finally: Official trailer for the movie The Numbers Station with John Cusack and Malin Akerman

The long-awaited trailer for the new movie, The Numbers Station:

We first mentioned the The Numbers Station in 2011, when it was still being filmed.

In this film, John Cusack’s character, Emerson, has been given the task of protecting Katherine (Malin Akerman), the operator of a shortwave numbers station that broadcasts encrypted messages to operatives. When the station is compromised in a surprise attack, they must work together to secure it and prevent distater.

According to the website The Digital SpyThe Numbers Station is scheduled for release in the US on April 26, though a UK release date has not yet been confirmed.

If you’re new to shortwave radio and wish to listen to numbers stations, follow the category Numbers Stations–we will post updates on the movie as well as several recordings of real numbers stations still in existence.

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