The Mighty KBC testing Monday & Tuesday morning

MightyKBCTruckThe Mighty KBC will be testing Monday and Tuesday mornings (March 11th & 12th) from 09.00 -11.00 UTC.

They will be on the following frequencies (simultaneously):

  • 5,955 kHz from Nauen with The Giant Jukebox
  • 6,095 kHz from Wertachtal with Transport Radio

The Mighty KBC asks that you kindly email your listener reports for both shows.

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2 thoughts on “The Mighty KBC testing Monday & Tuesday morning

  1. Ulf Nilsson

    Great music on the Short Wawe band from the Mighty KBC !
    I was tuned in to your station on the 11 of august. I heard rock`n roll from the 60`s,
    like the song “Walk away Renee”. Brought to me here on the Swedish westcoast, Falkenberg.
    Very good reception too, just like local FM reception! Time, around 13:00 UTC. Frequency 6095 kHz. My radio was tuned in to 48 meters. I use a vintage broadcastradio from 1936, Philips, type V6A. Antenna is a outdoor wire of about 5 meters length.
    I really appreciate your good rock`n roll music, hope that you keep on broadcasting on the SW band.
    Best Regards: Ulf Nilsson


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