ERT now broadcasting on several medium wave frequencies

(Photo source: AP / Petros Giannakouris)

(Photo source: AP / Petros Giannakouris)

It’s been several days now since the Greek government tried to shut down Greek National TV and Radio broadcaster, ERT. In fact, ERT was only off the air for a few hours; they immediately set up a live Internet stream and restored shortwave service to the Voice of Greece. They’re still going strong and, evidently, expanding.

SWLing Post reader, Christos, lives in Greece and has been keeping us up-to-date with field reports. He writes:

This day [Friday] the employees of ERT took over the frequencies of medium waves 666 KHz, 729 KHz, 981 KHz, 1008 KHz (Corfu) and 1404 KHz (Komotini), that the previous days remained silent.

Short waves (9429 KHZ) and 1260 kHz from Rodos Island continue active.

[There] are now two radio channels in operation.

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3 thoughts on “ERT now broadcasting on several medium wave frequencies

  1. Tarmo

    I have been monitoring the developments on satellite and I think actually they had some sort of feed going out all the time. For instance Euronews was showing ET1 even after 1 AM in the morning when ERT World had already gone dark on Hotbird. I even have a recording of Euronews taking ET1 live during No Comment at 1:56 AM EEST. By that time RTVE was already streaming it. I think some kind of extra feed was already going out to the satellite(EBU?) which other broadcasters(RTVE et al) could latch on to as the time went to midnight hours.

      1. Tarmo

        No problem. Just to be clear, the observation was from the Tuesday night into Wednesday when the shutdown took place.


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