CommRadio CR-1 and WRTH: Power outage essentials

Like much of North America, we’re currently experiencing record low temperatures and strong winds here at our mountain home. This morning, I woke to no power and no Internet. My iPhone still works though, hence the ability to publish this post.

But no power is really no problem when it comes to SWLing. Indeed, for those living in urban areas, power outages represent temporary refuge from all of those electronic noises (RFI) that plague daily listening.

I’ve spent the morning SWLing with my CommRadio CR-1. The beauty of the CR-1 is that it can operate for hours on its internal battery and can also be charged/powered via USB or anything from a 6V to 18v DC power source. I’m currently charging the CR-1’s battery from our solar-powered battery bank. It makes me realize that the CR-1 is an ideal, top-shelf radio for off-grid DXing.

Additionally, I received my 2014 WRTH yesterday in the post. The WRTH is always a welcome delivery, but this morning was even more appreciated since it requires no power source whatsoever to work!

No power? No worries! With a WRTH and CommRadio CR-1 combo, I’m a happy listener!

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7 thoughts on “CommRadio CR-1 and WRTH: Power outage essentials

  1. Harry Sisson

    Do you possibly know how this receiver compares to the Icom IC-R75 particularly in the international shortwave bands, amateur bands, and standard AM broadcast band? I have been most pleased with my R75 overall, but may need to replace it.

    1. Thomas Post author

      I have yet to compare those two radios. I plan to review the most recent version of the R75 sometime this year–when I do, I’ll compare the two. The CR-1 is a great receiver. The R75 has more controls (like twin pass band, etc.), and is more of a traditional tabletop.

      If you happen to live near Universal Radio (Columbus, Ohio) they probably have both set up in their showroom.



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