SWLing in New Mexico: Radio Australia


This morning, I was very happy to tune to Saturday Night Country on Radio Australia (9,580 kHz). RA’s signal was booming into Taos, New Mexico, where my travels have taken me this Saturday morning.

It was a welcome relief to hear RA; the shortwave bands have been in terrible shape the past three days or so. The ionosphere has been so disturbed that the only broadcasters I’ve been able to hear have been Radio Havana Cuba and a few domestic religious broadcasters.

I hope to take the CommRadio CR-1 out later today and perhaps test a couple of outdoor antennas…Stay tuned!

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One thought on “SWLing in New Mexico: Radio Australia

  1. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

    Hi Thomas.
    Just curious: the telescopic antenna on the Sony is original? it looks very beefy.
    About the Tecsun S2000: it developed some faults, some i have sorted out (bad soldering compound), will replace the control board soon as the Post Office will reopen. Other than that, it works great:
    On Shortwave, it is VERY hot with it’s oun telescopic, I rearly use outside antenna. SSB is a real treat with the BFO knob, as I compare it with the Sangean ATS909 40Hz increments on SSB.
    AGC is far better than the 909, so reception is much more steady.
    Selectivity: One of the hardest stations here is Cypress Program3 on MW, 603kHz, as 9kHz above there is A very powerfull station, that even on the Narrow mode, the 909 can’t seperate them even turning the radio around (internal loopstick) can’t remove the splatter.
    The S2000 however, On Narrow mode, with the help of the loopstick brings the station clearly and without any splatter.
    Indeed, the Tecsun S2000 is much better than the Sangean.
    Best regards,


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