Tom Stiles’ Eton Satellit video reviews

TomsRadioShowMany thanks to SWLing Post reader, Thomas Ally, who points out that Tom Stiles has published an array of videos featuring the Eton Satellit. The actual reviews and features begin with TRRS #0446.

Click here to view the complete Eton Satellit video thread on Tom’s Radio Room Show.

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4 thoughts on “Tom Stiles’ Eton Satellit video reviews

  1. Charles

    I recently bought this from Universal Radio and I don’t care for it at all. First of all it is too complicated to use. It sucks in receiving SSB. It sounds terrible. My Sangean ATS 505 works a thousand times better. After playing with the Eton for 2 days I put it in the drawer and never used it again. Don’t buy it you won’t like it.

  2. John

    I normally enjoy Tom’s video reviews, but I have to agree with another viewer, Rob, who left comments to Tom that he was doing this radio a great disservice by not reading the manual and familiarizing himself with the controls first. These videos are sometimes painful to watch as Tom repeatedly forgets to press the AM button after entering a frequency to complete the tuning process, his struggles to get his mono external antenna plug to work with the stereo external antenna input jack on the radio (in spite of repeated comments to use a mono to stereo adapter), his comments that the radio is unsatisfactory as it only tunes SSB in 1 KHz steps (later rectified after many viewers told him to use the fine tuning option), etc. I think he got so flustered over the controls that he was not thinking straight.

    Well intentioned reviews that are based on ignorance and misinformation, and frankly ineptness, cause a lot of undeserved negativity towards the product.

    To be sure, the Eton Satellit certainly has its flaws, but it is nowhere near as bad as Tom makes it, and himself, look. To get the real lowdown on the Eton Satellit, read Jay Allen’s review at :

    I would skip those reviews Tom made on the Eton Satellit. He has much better videos before and after this series.


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