Radio Six International broadcasts this week


(Source: Mike Terry via the WRTH Facebook page)

Radio Six International

Shortwave transmissions will return for an experiment next weekend. From transmitters in Sweden, and on a couple of frequencies in different bands, we offer an afternoon of programming from 14:00 to 16:00 GMT on Saturday, 25th April, aimed at listeners in Europe. (3 – 5pm UK time, 4 – 6pm Europe).

Programme details on the April issue of Radio News. Hear us in the UK, Ireland and most of Western Europe on 9,405kHz (31.87m); and Scandinavia and Northern Europe on 3,975kHz (75.47m).

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4 thoughts on “Radio Six International broadcasts this week

    1. K.U.

      This was one of the three shows which I listened today via Radio Revival Sweden.

      The signal strength during the Radio Six programs on 9405 kHz was poor but audible at the beginning of the program but then faded out here in Helsinki (400 km from the transmitter). May be the critical frequency for the F2 layer has been too low for 31 mb today.

      I had better reception on those programs that were broadcast earlier today via R. Revival Sweden on 7440 kHz.

      1. Tomas

        Aha, I listened 20 minutes in or so. Didn’t listen on 7440 because I didn’t know they were transmitting. Maybe I’ll try tomorrow if I remember it.

      2. Tomas

        I listened to “0900-1000 UTC Radio City 9405 kHz” today and it was quite listenable. Especially the second half had quite good signal.


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