Steve notes the end of The Mighty KBC on 6,095 kHz


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Steve Yothment, who writes:

[Below, you’ll find] my reception report for the digital decode of the Fldigi message by Dr. Kim Elliott on The Mighty KBC (6040 kHz) Saturday night:


I took Kim Elliott’s suggestion and listened to The Mighty KBC on 6095 kHz on Sunday morning using the Utwente WebSDR which receives signals in Enschede, in the Netherlands.

The Mighty KBC finished their last broadcast on 6095 kHz at 11:00AM our time. I recorded their program, but the file is big. So, attached is the last 4 minutes of their program (click here to download), as received by the WebSDR:

It’s too bad that The Mighty KBC is shutting down!

Many thanks for both your decoded message and your recorded audio, Steve! I agree: it is too bad the KBC had to shut down their 6095 kHz broadcast.

Note that The Mighty KBC will continue on their AM frequency, DAB and streaming. Check out the KBC website for details.

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9 thoughts on “Steve notes the end of The Mighty KBC on 6,095 kHz

  1. Richard Langley

    I have the last final four hours on 6095 kHz recorded and will get it up on and the SRAA in the next day or so. I’ll come back here with a comment when it’s there.

  2. DL4NO

    During the days the 49m band is next to dead here in Germany. On the positive side: Radio Channel 292/R.Geronimo on 6070 kHz uses an amateur-like antenna and 10 kW. The reception is not that bad. You do not need 100 kW.

  3. kire

    This makes me sad. I love KBC’s transmission to N America. I am new to shortwave ( 2 years), do not have internet, and cannot take the garbage on am/fm. I tell my friends shortwave is the last free radio frontier, a cheap used transistor radio, a long wire, and your cruising the world. The rf interference always kills their curiosity. Do I need to build them magnetic loops too? This SWLing is becoming more than just a hobby.

  4. 13dka

    Wow, this is devastatingly bad news! 🙁 Of course I also missed their last transmission and I’m genuinely shocked now, after all this was one of the 2 last things I could constantly and continuously enjoy on shortwave and taking my car for a spin and listening to KBC on Sunday was often the highlight of the week, on shortwave and in real life.

    Most other things except Radio Australia and a bit of utility DX makes me want to puke, like RCI or ham radio. Maybe I should sell my crap and find some other hobby that doesn’t feel so much like a trip on a sinking ship with an outbreak of cow madness. 🙁


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