200m longwire update: rarely heard Radio Tawantinsuyo 6173.9 kHz, Peru, recorded in Oxford, UK


Hi there, I thought I would share my first reception of Radio Tawantinsuyo, from Cusco, Peru, recorded during the inaugural test of my 200 metre longwire antenna. Of course this  particular reception could be coincidence, but a very welcome catch in any case. Once again, the Sony ICF-2001D performs very well with this large antenna, but as on previous occasions, the rule is always to ‘choose your battles well’ targeting weak DX signals in uncrowded areas of the Tropical Band and elsewhere on shortwave. More details on the longwire antenna to follow in another post. Recorded at the ‘DX woods’ in Oxfordshire, UK on 31/07/16 at 00:27 hrs UTC. Thanks for watching.

Direct link to Oxford Shortwave Log reception video of Radio Tawantinsuyo

Clint Gouveia is the author of this post and a regular contributor to the SWLing Post. Clint actively publishes videos of his shortwave radio excursions on his YouTube channel: Oxford Shortwave Log. Clint is based in Oxfordshire, England.


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7 thoughts on “200m longwire update: rarely heard Radio Tawantinsuyo 6173.9 kHz, Peru, recorded in Oxford, UK

  1. Clint Gouveia

    Hi Lawrence, thanks for your comments.

    Here are some URLs to other reception videos taken with the same antenna on the same morning. I have only used it once so far, but the results have been quite good.


    My youtube channel ‘Oxford Shortwave Log’ has over 950 reception videos using a number of different receivers, you might find something intersesting there.

    Thanks again and 73!


  2. Lawrence Harris

    Dear Clint,

    Congratulations on your reception from Peru! Whether it was coincidence that you received such a signal as you put it might just be the case. I reported to SWL that on Tuesday 16.8.2016 I had amazing reception on my little SDR no-name Tschibo tranny from stations all around the world between 4 am and 6 am GMT at S6 – S8 on every frequency from 5.5 MHz – 15.50 MHz here in Hamburg, N. Germany. It was quite amazing as normally at this time there is very little activity.

    I’d be interested to know how the reception is at another time with your 200m’er.

    Best regards


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