Ed’s Homebrew Fruitcake Tin Radio

Fruit Cake Tin Radio

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ed Ganshirt, who writes:

I had an old car radio from the 1940’s I salvaged the parts from, and a rudimentary schematic to build by. I decided to re-assemble in the container I stowed away the parts in. Nothing special just another AM broadcast radio in an unusual cabinet (fruitcake tin.)

I love it, Ed! It’s like a broadcast band version of Rex’s Tuna Tin QRP radios!

It must have been a challenge to mount all of the components on that tin.  So how does she play?

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3 thoughts on “Ed’s Homebrew Fruitcake Tin Radio

  1. Michael Black

    I find that while those tins are strong from the factory, once you start cutting them, thy become flimsy. The metal is thin. I used an old tobacco tin to make a speed controller for my Dremel tool, and the thin metal is easy to work, but could easily tear. The larger the tin, the more this likely happens.

    Solid state is easier, on a circuit board with the tin surrounding it, the holes for controls rather than to mount parts.



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