KIMF broadcast schedule via the HFCC

KIMF transmitter site (Source: James Planck via Facebook)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ethan Best (KC9YDN), who notes:

KIMF’s schedule has been posted on the HFCC’s website:

Thank you for sharing this, Ethan!

KIMF has actually been in the HFCC listings since at least 2014, even though they only recently received FCC approval to operate.

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2 thoughts on “KIMF broadcast schedule via the HFCC

  1. Bobbert

    What’s with all of the programs being titled: “International Fellowship of Churches, Inc.”?
    Is that all they have to offer?
    Is there a prize for the wealthiest, or most listened to religious station?
    How many more different (or similar) “Brother Stair” preachings do I have to tune away from?
    I think the airwaves would be a better place without all the religious preaching. Keep it in your churches.
    If these churchy-stations want money and fortune while getting their little gospel stories out, let ’em go pray for it and leave the airwaves alone.


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