KIMF broadcast schedule via the HFCC

KIMF transmitter site (Source: James Planck via Facebook)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ethan Best (KC9YDN), who notes:

KIMF’s schedule has been posted on the HFCC’s website:

Thank you for sharing this, Ethan!

KIMF has actually been in the HFCC listings since at least 2014, even though they only recently received FCC approval to operate.

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6 thoughts on “KIMF broadcast schedule via the HFCC

  1. Bobbert

    What’s with all of the programs being titled: “International Fellowship of Churches, Inc.”?
    Is that all they have to offer?
    Is there a prize for the wealthiest, or most listened to religious station?
    How many more different (or similar) “Brother Stair” preachings do I have to tune away from?
    I think the airwaves would be a better place without all the religious preaching. Keep it in your churches.
    If these churchy-stations want money and fortune while getting their little gospel stories out, let ’em go pray for it and leave the airwaves alone.

    1. Samuel Rhine

      They get money from their ministries through other activities and that’s how their on the air. Most buy airtime and are the only ones keeping the US HF broadcast going. It’s a free market, if you don’t like it start buying airtime and encouraging other people and groups to do the same and play what you want to hear.

      1. bobbert

        You indicate that they’re the only ones keeping the US HF broadcast going?
        Sure, but seriously, they are the reason why no one wants to listen to HF. Its a dying market.
        Their message is a turn-off for many listeners who’d rather tune in to something else.
        From a market perspective, it would be impossible for anyone else to buy airtime because the churchy-airtime-buyers drive up the cost of airtime.

        1. Samuel Rhine

          Nope. Plenty of affordable airtime being bought private individuals. You’re just making excuses because you want to keep crying.

        2. Samuel Rhine

          Also the world doesn’t revolve around your own interests plenty of listeners religious and not tune in for various reasons. Pretending something doesn’t exist just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it so.


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