Radio Deal: Digitech AR-1780 $99 AUD/$119 NZD via Jaycar

[UPDATE: Click here to read our full review of the Digitech AR-1780.]

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Wesley, who notes:

For those in Australia, the Jaycar in Bondi Junction is currently selling the Digitech AR-1780 for AUD$99. I suspect the other locations are offering the same price.

I picked one up – pretty happy with it so far! Really excited that it contains several filter bandwidths, which should help with receiving weather fax and SITOR signals.

UPDATE: SWLing Post reader, Davo notes:

It’s on special in NZ too: NZ$119 saving of $30

Thank you for the tips!  Yes, indeed, I would purchase the AR-1780 for $99 AUD in a heartbeat. It’s certainly a great value at that price (roughly $77 US). I don’t think Jaycar ships internationally, so this sale may only apply to those living in Australia and New Zealand.

I can’t tell via the Jaycar site how long this sale may last. If you live in Australia or NZ and have been considering the AR-1780, I would jump on this deal. It’s a decent little portable. Besides visiting a Jaycar location, you can also place your order online.

Click here to view this deal at Jaycar Australia and here for Jaycar New Zealand.

Those of us outside of Australia/NZ can always purchase via the eBay seller I used–though the total price with shipping will set you back about $134 US.

Click here to read some of our Digitech AR-1780 posts. Also, note that on November 1 2017, I will publish a full review of the AR-1780 here on the SWLing Post.

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4 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Digitech AR-1780 $99 AUD/$119 NZD via Jaycar

  1. James Patterson

    Can anyone help me !!.Yes I bought the new Digitech 1780 and its a great little reciever compared to my older Digitech 1945 of which I found has a very weak BFO.
    But the owners book that came with the 1780 leaves alot out.Im finding that the “Timer” or “Sleep” mode is turning on at any given time.I pack the radio away in my draw after useing it,I press the “Key” button so that it locks in off mode.But then after a few hours I hear it hissing quite loud.Yes it has turned its self back on even though the “Lock” mode is still showing on the screen.The only way I can turn it off is by disableing the “Lock key” and pressing the on off red button.
    The book states how to enable the Timer,but does not say how to disable it.Well I have not set up the timer.It shows on the screen 0000.Yet the radio still turns its self on. So if anyone can help that’s already bought the 1780 I would appreciate a post please.If I take out the batteries I may loose the memory of frequencies Ive put into it.So there must be some way I can turn it off without it turning its self back on when not needed.Many thanks Guys.

  2. Bob Lawrence

    I was quite excited about this little radio as it seemed to tick all the boxes for the
    right price.

    I was about to pull the trigger on Ebay but then I saw an interesting Youtube video by VK3YE.

    Seeing a whacking great birdie around 14.055Mhz was a bit of a killer for me, since I my prime
    use in to listen on the amateur radio bands.

    I’m holding off for now 🙁


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