Blueprints, maps, and test equipment: RCI Sackville items for sale

I snapped this photo inside the RCI Sackville transmitter site in 2012, a few months prior to its closure.

Earlier this year, we posted a note by Marc Goldstein who is in the process of dismantling the Radio Canada International Sackville, New Brunswick, transmitter building.

Marc is tasked with selling some of the equipment that used to make this site hum. The First Nations group who now own the site are using the revenue from sales to help fund site cleanup and renovation.  Mark recently passed along the following note:

We are trying to determine the value of the large quantity of 1940 era engineering blue prints of the station. I hoping your readers will be able to establish their worth.

While rummaging through an old file cabinet in maintenance building (RCI Sackville, New Brunswick), we located about a 100 or so more engineering blue prints (1938-1945), about a dozen black and white photos (RCI reporters interviewing what appears to be world celebrities), and annual engineering reports (1938-1980). Would any of these items be of interest to your readers?

Post readers: If you are interested in any of these items, Marc can be contacted via the following email address: [email protected]. He is open to offers and happy to ship these items internationally.

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3 thoughts on “Blueprints, maps, and test equipment: RCI Sackville items for sale

  1. Mark

    My Dad is something of a historian, and one thing that dismays him is how collections of items get broken up and dispersed. They often having meaning in the context of the whole, and once separated from each other, their part in the story is gone.

  2. KV Zichi

    Those ‘ephemera’ items belong in a library or a museum. To the extent some archives are willing to compensate for them great, but not everything belongs on the open market.

    1. Thomas Post author

      For what it’s worth, I’m going to try to purchase some items–scan and share them here on the SWLing Post–then donate to a Canadian museum.


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