Radiwow offers deep discounts for R-108 unbiased reviews

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, The Professor, who notes that Radiwow is offering free and half-price units to consumers willing to review their R-108 receiver. All of the details are on the Radiwow R-108 product page at AliExpress.

Here’s a copy of the statement:

Dear friends

Are you still struggling to find a cost-effective radio? Now the FREE  opportunity is coming!

Recently ,our store have launched a RADIWOW® R-108 Radio which has  great sound quality, selectivity and sensitivity .R-108 Radio is a good world receiver with great FM Stereo/LW/SW/MW /AIR/DSP. It will start selling on January 30, 2019.You deserve it!

We are looking for 20 people from Japan, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France to test and write an unbiased and honest review for our latest radio.

In addition, we need friends from Spain, Italy, France to help us translate R-108 English user manual into Spanish, Italian and French.

In all top three users who apply for the test will enjoy the radio for free, and the 3-20 will enjoy it at half price. Please indicate in the subject when contacting us: your country; product model; leave review or translate user manual.

Click here to read this statement on the Radiwow R-108 product page.

Please comment if you’ve successfully ordered a unit under this program. I’m currently evaluating the R-108 here at SWLing Post HQ.

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17 thoughts on “Radiwow offers deep discounts for R-108 unbiased reviews

  1. Jordan M.

    Holy crap! The price of this radio is absurd. No, I am not talking about the initial $1000.00 USD price tag. The Aliexpress page for this radio has just now changed price and the price is $166.00 USD.

    $166.00 USD for a downgraded XHDATA D-808 with no SSB. I thought this was supposed to be a competitor to the PL-310ET since it doesn’t even have SSB function. For $166 USD, you might as well go with the PL-880.

    1. Jordan M.

      Edit: It looks like the price on the AliExpress page changed for a second time to something more reasonable. The radio is now priced at $49.98. It looks like Radiwow changed the price to $166.60 originally so that they can then slash off 70% of the price in order to advertise it as a sale.

  2. Dan

    Do note that almost all factories and warehouses in China will close around the 26th of January and not reopen for two to three weeks for Chinese New Year. The idea that they are going “start selling on January 30th,” seems highly unlikely.

  3. Cynical Marketing

    Well… I do understand that they raise the prices wildly just to prevent people from ordering. I think the D-808 was $2000 before the release date? Anyway… they want 20 people. Three people will be picked for free. How they pick those three? Who knows. The other 17 will get the radio at half price. That’s great except right now that half price would be $500 with a $3.00 coupon. I wouldn’t commit to anything until I know the actual price. Given the fact it doesn’t have SSB it should be in the $45 price range I would hope.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Ha ha! No–it’s not really $1K of course. AliExpress retailers often set the price super high while they’re making their first production run to ship. I think it’s an odd practice. I suspect this radio will cost around $50 or less, but that’s just a guess.

      1. Jordan M.

        The price of the radio has now changed from $1000 to $166.60 on AliExpress. RIP…No one is going to be buying this radio for $166 USD when it doesn’t even have SSB.

        Also, any date on when you will released your review on this new radio? I’m now curious as to its performance to justify the $166 USD price tag.

        1. Jordan M.

          Edit: The price of this radio changed again. It is now 70% off $166.60 USD which is $49.98, which is a lot more reasonable for a radio with no SSB.


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