Sangean SR-36: Paul discovers the basic AM/FM DSP receiver

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul, who writes:

This seems to be a new basic radio from Sangean:

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I’m not sure a radio could get more basic than this one: AA batteries, one volume control, one tuning control, built-in speaker, and a headphones jack.

Thanks for sharing, Paul!

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5 thoughts on “Sangean SR-36: Paul discovers the basic AM/FM DSP receiver

  1. Mangosman

    Being a DSP receiver and the widespread use of DAB+ in Europe why didn’t they load the DAB+/DRM firmware? I understand that the HDRadio software will cost more because Xperi charge the manufacturers and broadcasters to use their standard.

    The only additional costs are the copyright costs on the software and a couple of coils to tune more bands and a 4 position band switch.

    This would return stereo to all bands on the headphone socket.

  2. Robert Richmond

    It can get even more basic. A year (or two?) ago, I wanted a long-play AM/FM portable. Preferably D-cell batteries. Sound quality was not a concern.

    I arrived at the Tecsun R-208. It is inexpensive. It is rated for 200 hours playtime on two D alkaline batteries. I have not logged the hours, but it is on its second set of cheap and likely expired heavy-duty batteries.

    BTW, that part about sound quality. Yeah, the R-208 truly lacks there IMO, thought it is acceptable for emergencies or background noise.

  3. Guy R Skeer

    I will forever mourn the death of My Sangean SR-2 Pocket AM/FM Radio. One AAA Battery powered it for a very long time. It was quite small. Nobody makes anythjng similar.

    Hey SANGEAN! How about a DSP version of the SR-2?

  4. Frank A Lowry

    to be truly basic it has to have a thumbwheel dial and a thumbwheel off/on/ volume control and an up/ down band switch.


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