Sangean ATS-909X2: Production has been “postponed”

Many thanks to a number of SWLing Post readers who’ve noted that Sangean Europe has removed the ATS-909X2 from their website and stopped taking pre-orders.

Dan Robinson received the following response from Sangean Europe after an inquiry:

“The ATS-909X2 is postponed, so we cannot send a product yet. I’m sorry for the inconveniences.”

No doubt, production may be pushed into 2021.

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24 thoughts on “Sangean ATS-909X2: Production has been “postponed”

  1. Arie W

    Now listening to my new Sangean ATS-909X2. Only had the radio playing for a few hours, so no reviews from my side. The detent in the tuning knob is not gone, but you feel it less. According to the specs on Sangean EU the US version has no airband.

    1. Roger Fitzharris

      The new Sangean Ultimate FM/SW/MW/LW/Air Multi-Band Radio, ATS-909X2 is now listed on Amazon’s websites for pre-order at $459.99 with free shipping. The item will be released on 01/01/2021. BTW, the version shown includes an air-band mode. It also shows it is powered by 4 AA batteries.

  2. Arie W

    Just get a mail from Sangean Europe. They are starting to deliver the pre-orders now. My package will be send to the courier within a few days. I’m excited

  3. JP

    Now also available at Amazon which says
    This item will be released on January 1, 2021.
    Pre-order now.
    It also states
    DSP tuner (FM); PLL synthesized (MW/LW/SW)
    USB/LSB 10 or 20Hz/Fine Tuning Step, Manual & Automatic Bandwidth Control
    FM Softmute Feature
    Individual Headphone Amplifier

  4. Chuck/N4UED

    It would be nice if we had the Broadcast activity on the bands as we did in the 80’s. I had the 909 and it was a pretty good receiver.

  5. DanH

    Sangean Europe is a distributor of Sangean products, not the manufacturer. The 909X2 has not been announced at the Sangean Head Office or Sangean USA websites. It was my impression that the 909X2 was planned for release in 2021 until I read otherwise at SWLing Post and the Sangean Europe website. I thought that eight weeks from distribution of the first prototypes to delivery of production radios sounded a wee bit optimistic.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Exactly. I strongly believe the Sangean ATS-909X2 will be produced. Like DanH, I thought that timeline from prototype to production was incredibly optimistic. It would be optimistic in non-pandemic years, but 2020? Not a chance.

      Sangean is also the sort of company that doesn’t rush products to market.


  6. Troy Riedel

    I do *not* have any “intel”, but it is possible it could never go to production. It wouldn’t be the first time prototypes were made that were never [mass] produced for consumers.

    1. john

      That’s what I’m wondering too.
      Maybe they had a smaller than expected pre-order response and are reevaluating their potential consumer demand forecast.
      Still hope it makes an appearance though.

      1. DanH

        My first thought on reading the pre-order information was “Why do I want a 909X2 with a European power plug?” My second thought was “Do I want to pay for shipping to the USA?”

        1. Michael Meyer

          Don’t order a European version, unless you buy a separate power supply for the US grid. My 909X from Sangean Europe came with an adapter, that only runs on 240 volts, it’s not a switching power supply. I live in Denmark, so no problem for me.

          1. DanH

            Thanks! I plan to order the 909X2 from Sangean USA as they will probably have the 909X2 at the same time everyone else does. My 2015 ATS-909X uses a 120 VAC / 60 Hz only power supply and adapter with plug type A. My new 2020 909X has an improved switching power supply and wall adapter that can run from 100 – 240 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz. To use this new power supply worldwide only the correct wall outlet plug needs to be provided. This is the same power supply that will be used with the 909X2. The 2020 909X is much more quiet when used for shortwave reception with AC power than the 2015 909X. The 2020 909X wall adapter is center pin positive and is not compatible with the 2015 909X. These details appear in my October 5 article linked above.

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