Radio Deal: Sangean ATS-909X2 price drop on Amazon

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributors, Toy Riedel and Robert Gulley, who note that the price of the Sangean ATS-909X2 has dropped to $259.49 on

Amazon pricing is dynamic, so could change without warning. If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger, now is a good time!

Click here to check out the Sangean ATS-909X on (this affiliate link supports the SWLing Post at no cost to you).

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22 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Sangean ATS-909X2 price drop on Amazon

  1. Ronny

    I bought this radio on Amazon when I saw the price drop.
    It arrived today.

    I can confirm that the firmware of the radio I received was version 073

  2. Brian Lucas

    For those who want to purchase the radio at present in Europe, or United Kingdom, and that includes myself in Jersey the Channel Islands; we have no other option, than buy from Sangean Europe… ATS-909X2 (

    All the normal UK independent and Amazon sellers are not distributing the new ATS909X2 at present, with Firmware Ver: 073. Thus, I have made my purchase with Sangean EU Shop, on the 21st April 2021 and paid a very high total price in Euros 329-00 about £283.99 GBP.

    This includes an export Tax of Euro 57.10 = £49.28 GBP from the total; if you then add the conversion rate, the grand total was £296.17 GBP. About US $412.52

    I expected to see the Tax removed at final payment through PayPal; it did not after processing… I requested a refund from Sangean EU, and received a reply from them stating; that they are charged Tax in the Netherlands, and so forward this Tax on to the buyer !

    Jersey has like other countries there own form of import Tax, so I will be paying a further cost on top, once the radio arrives in Jersey. I am highlighting this large cost for other individuals who might have the same issue, if you purchase from Sangean Europe in the Netherlands.

    I can only hope the cost overall, will be worth the radio; since I had the 909X many years ago, and enjoyed it. But as we all know it was not a DX receiver as stand alone antenna, until an external one was applied.

    It’s possibly odd that Amazon USA until recently, soled the radio; and Amazon UK has no interest to do so; weather this is just area distribution policy I could not say, but in the past before UK Brexit, I was able to make purchases via the EU without being hit by a Tax on export.

    1. Lou


      “But as we all know it was not a DX receiver as stand alone antenna, until an external one was applied”

      I don’t own a 909X and I can say that while some of the reviews around the Internet make claim to the 909X2 as being very sensitive on SW using the whip antenna, I haven’t experience anything to come to the same conclusion…thus far. It’s exceedingly sensitive on FM and the Air Band but on SW? Not as much. My ‘ol reliable Sony 7600GR managed to bring in stations that the 909X2 wasn’t able to.

      One day in and you could argue a number of factors that may have hampered my initial testing. I would agree and will continue evaluating my 909X2. I’ve ordered up a 3.5mm to SMA & a 3.5mm to PL-259 adapter cable to try out a couple of external antennas on the X2.

      While SW is still a work in progress, I’ve already decided to keep the 909X2. It is very, very well built. Extremely impressed with the build quality given where most manufactures have gone recently with trying to cut corners. The sensitivity on FM is unreal. My QTH suffers from severe FM multipath issues and the X2 is able to cut through all that. Doesn’t solve signal strength but it does make stations listenable.

      1. Brian Lucas

        Hi Lou…

        My order is on the way direct with Sangean EU; and I will do some tests when delivered in Jersey.

        Since I live outside the coast of France on an Island within the Atlantic, having the Saint Malo bay close by and Europe on my door step, a large number of Medium and Short-wave stations provide a wide receiving menu.

        I will be interested to see how the new 909X2 works out; the only other receiver I have is, the now older Tecsun PL880.

        I did have, but sold due down-sizing to present QTH, where no antennas are allowed; a very nice vintage Lowe HF-150 receiver that required external antenna… the Lowe could have served as the bench mark, two compare the Sangean 909X2; however, it will now be the Tecsun on each telescopic antenna, QRN being acceptable.

        I intend to design an active tuned dual balanced small loop, for the 909X2. LF and HF balanced loops are the only way to reduce local QRN, close to the operating receiver; being easer to rotate for the nulls… in the past I did a lot of loop experiments and know what will or not work, under high noise conditions. There is no other option especially, when only indoor antennas are allowed but not seen from any window !

        Like your situation I have very low local FM signals, living below a hill area; where the Tecsun PL880 has the sensitivity to receive the local stations… however, I also listen to the French FM stations too, and the Tecsun is boarder line on pulling these in, where propagation plays a large role to receive noise free reception; so the 909X2 will pass or fail for that test.

        1. DanH

          Very good, Lou. People not familiar with Amazon may not realize that there are other sellers listed on the Amazon sales page for the 909X2.

  3. Rafael Scapin

    I just asked a question about the new firmware on the Amazon page. Here is the answer:

    Does this new batch (April 2021) have the latest firmware (ver 073)?
    Answer: No. However the noise issues based on touch do not seem to be present in this radio.

    1. Lou


      Why would anyone order a radio like this from Universal over Amazon?


      Is there even one reason to do so beyond “support small business”?

      Sangean will take care of the firmware if need be but based on how long it was out of stock, I doubt this current lot of radios has 070 installed. This is sourced and sold by Amazon. Sangean doesn’t strike me as a company that would knowingly ship pallets of product with an older firmware.

      It’s more expensive through Universal. $319.95 before taxes and shipping or $279.99 with tax/shipping through Amazon.

      No other company comes close to the speed that Amazon can fulfill and ship an order. I ordered on 4/19 around 11 PM PDT and it’ll be in my mailbox on 4/21. If I had jumped on it earlier, I would have had it today since it’s being shipped from a distribution center close to my house.

      For something that is joining a host of other similar items, I’m going to be picky and that means I don’t want RMAs, figuring out return shipping, or a restocking fee. Amazon has me covered on all of those points.

      Maybe it is the case of Amazon being the new big bad boogeyman. Americans have seen it before in the 90’s with Walmart. There’s a time and place for small business. This is unfortunately not one of those moments.

      1. Les Locklear

        Well, you are going to have to pay to ship it to California to have it upgraded to version 073. Why not spend a couple dollars more for the latest version?

        No, I don’t think Amazon is a boogeyman. I was just posting an alternative to purchase one with the latest firmware already upgraded.

        And, yes Universal has closed down their physical store. But, they are still in business.

  4. Bill Hemphill

    “Amazon pricing is dynamic”.

    Very true. This morning price is back up to $296.28.

    Bill WD9EQD
    Smithville, NJ

    1. Thomas Post author

      Ugh. I’ve even had pricing shift on me once before I could add the item in the cart. I spent too long reading the description!

  5. Troy Riedel

    I’ve posted here before, there is an extension called KEEPA … it tracks historical pricing, you can graph day, week, 3-month, year & complete price history. You can set alerts (email – or a Browser notification for Firefox). You can even set Lightning Deal alerts that will give you 24-hour advance notice of these “4-hour sales” that will tell you exactly when the sale will begin. Price alerts are rcvd when the price meets or goes below what you input (New Amazon/New Third Party/Used – you can set different values for each) and you’ll receive an alert before every Lightning Deal.

    For instance … all from Keepa … the ATS-909×2 has been listed on Amazon for 163-days. $459.99 was the initial Amazon price. Four-days later the price dropped to $349.99. March 3rd at 0408 the price was $264.09. 27 March at 0401 it went out of stock … and I could tell you the exact time it went back in stock (I could go on & on). Oh, and the historical low price on Amazon thus far? It was $259.38

    Keepa tracks used prices, too. And 3rd party “New” prices on Amazon. I don’t understand why anyone who shops for anything on Amazon doesn’t use Keepa.

  6. Geir Laastad

    I just bought a Sangean ATS-909X2 with price drop and shipped to Norway. After I logged in to Amazon I also made sure I uses the SWLing Post’s affiliate link above. Why shouldn’t I? Without useful notifications as this, I wouldn’t have known about the radio’s lowered price, so thank you for letting me know.

    Best 73’s
    Geir, LA6LU

    1. Lou

      Dan, I’ll have one on Wednesday.

      We’ll see. Been waiting on shipped/sold by Amazon and with the price drip to $259. Done…..

      If it doesn’t work out, I can send it back without a worry.


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