Bob’s Bespoke “Rack of Radios”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bob Colegrove, who shares the following:

A Rack of Radios

by Bob Colegrove

You simply cannot have enough radios – a principle I learned a long time ago.  The difficulty occurs when it comes to storing them and yet having them at the ready when necessity calls.  Turns out several of my portables fall within a dimensional range that they can be conveniently stored in a rack on the table.

I would like to say I made a project out of this choosing a fine hard wood for construction, carefully routing each divider into a finely milled slot, tastefully finishing the whole thing off with appropriate stain and varnish, and perhaps lining each slot with felt of finest virgin wool.  However, never having been one to let form triumph over function, instead, I found a couple empty cracker boxes of the right dimensions, made a few cuts with a hobby knife, and applied some hot glue.  Whalla!

Wait a minute.  Is that an unused slot at the end?  Hmm!

I love it, Bob!

I mean, you know those cracker boxes just wanted to become a custom radio rack–! I say save the fine wood working to build the shelf upon which you’ll place your bespoke cracker box radio rack. 

Thank you!

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7 thoughts on “Bob’s Bespoke “Rack of Radios”

  1. Hank

    An interesting repurposing of a special package.

    For storing (and protecting) radios I like the clear plastic “Lock-N-Lock” food storage containers, along with either foam or packing bubble wrap.

    Either take the batteries out, use NiMH rechargeables, and slip a thin piece of plastic between two batteries to prevent accidental turn on.

    In the present state of world affairs I would not argue with anyone who stores things in grounded metal boxes to protect against EMP. Years ago I knew a man who spent a long career testing military equipment to make sure it could withstand EMP.

  2. Devid

    This is a good idea to keep it compact and inexpensive.
    But it is a bit cramped.
    It would be a good idea to arrange them on a flat bookshelf wall where you can see the face of the radio and love the radio.

  3. Julian Stargardt


    Thanks for sharing!
    A man after my own heart.
    I hate throwing stuff away too if it can be re-used / re-purposed – and you certainly re-purposed your cracker boxes to good effect!

    That empty slot at the end looks just the right size to house a Tecsun PL990X – then you can do A/B comparisons between it and all your other Tecsuns and Degen 1103…

    Or perhaps you could branch out and try the CCrane….

    Health Warning
    Don’t eat too many crackers or you may find yourself compelled to acquire more compact radios to fill the slots in the additional shelves you make…



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