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Disaster DX audio podcast


Many thanks to Mehmet Burk of ReliefAnalysis.com for sharing the following about his new podcast:

Disaster DX is a new audio series from ReliefAnalysis.com that looks at emerging disasters through the lens of humanitarian broadcasting.

Episode 1 focuses on the impacts of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu, and how shortwave radio is a vital medium that will be here to stay.

Disaster DX pays special attention to situations where humanitarian crises create their own “digital divides” that radio helps to bridge. The podcast will be available on iTUNES shortly, but in the meantime listeners can sign up via e-mail on the site.

Link: http://www.reliefanalysis.com/2015/04/humanitarian-broadcasting-revives-in.html

This is great news, Mehmet. I’ll be listening!

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Vanuatu’s radio services restored


(Source: Radio Australia)

Broadcast communications that were knocked out by Cyclone Pam have been fully restored.

Francis Herman, the ABC’s program manager for the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme, says transmission engineer Steve White and local technicians have fixed Radio Vanuatu’s short and medium wave service to a level better than before the cyclone.

Listen to the interview on Radio Australia’s website.

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Radio Vanuatu back on the air


My friend and fellow DXer, Rob Wagner, writes:

R. Vanuatu has been off the air for ages. It has suddenly come back on in the last hour or so on 7259.95 kHz and 3945 kHz with post-cyclone assistance and information. There is also a report from a visiting R. New Zealand transmission engineer talking about the SW and MW txers at Port Vila; interviewed on RA – quite interesting. Just thought I’d let you know. details at MEDXR:


Many thanks for the information, Rob! Very good news indeed!

On a side note, SRAA contributor, Julie (also based in Australia) has done a fantastic job posting cyclone coverage recordings from Solomon Islands Broadcasting. She’s also posted pre-cyclone Vanuatu recordings as well. Click here to browse her contributions on the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive.

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